"Who Will Get The First Cup Of Coffee?": Can You Figure Out This Tricky Brainteaser!

Love a good riddle? Consider yourself pretty clever? Then this one is for you! We spotted it on twitter and it has been stumping the internet! A lot of people think that they got it right but only a few actually figured it out. 

It is a simple picture with coffee being poured into a mazes of pipes and containers with four four coffe cups labeled with numbers. All you have to do is work out which coffee cup will get filled first! Ready? Steady? GO! 

Did you figure it out? Most people agree that the answer is "4, 9, 7, 5" but upon closer inspection - it is not correct. You need to look a little bit closer... Can you see the problem? 

So now we know only 1 of the cups is going to get coffee! So the answer is cup number 5! It is the only one with an opening! 


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