Who Makes The Best And Worst Girlfriends Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Everyone has different experiences in relationships. Some exes you can look back on with fondness while others you breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that it is over. So we decided to investigate what makes girls amazing girlfriends or crazy exes. A person's zodiac plays an important role in their personality but it can also affect how they behave in a relationship. After a little bit of research, here is a list of best to worst girlfriends, based on their zodiac signs. 


Some might disagree with this but we believe Sagittarius deserve the title of best girlfriend because they have a selfless attitude and are always ready to make sacrifices for people they care about. 




Although shy at first, Pisces girls open up quickly and are full of amazing traits. They are extremely trusting and will share all of their secrets, hopes, and dreams with you. They are incredibly supportive and would fight the whole world for you. 



Capricorns are close to perfection. They contain a small amount of every good quality which makes them well-balanced and easy to get along with. They always try their best, especially in relationships. If you want a strong ambitious partner then Capricorns are for you! 



Libras are kind but this can be due to their dislike for confrontation and complications. They do not like drama and prefer to live in a bubble. They like being happy and active so make for fun and blissful partners. 



Geminis have a special ability, they are able to handle multiple qualities about a person and adapt and react to them in a positive way. No matter the situation they know how to make themselves happy which makes them a happy, smiling partner in relationships. They know how to please people. 



Aquarians are independent and that can either be a great thing or a terrible thing. They do not adhere to social norms and can act awkward in situations she is not comfortable in. Depending on what you are looking for, an Aquarian could be perfect for you or end in disaster because they are almost always the social outsider in a group.


7. LEO

Leos have crazy expectations. They believe in the fairytale love story and everything that comes with it. They expect flowers, magic, date nights and a happily ever after making them a bit of a hopeless case because they will not settle for anything else. If you are up for being Prince Charming you might meet your dream girl but if not, steer clear! 



In the beginning, Cancers almost seem perfect because they have such a sweet personality but they can be too nice and gullible. They can come across as desperate and often get lost in relationships with stronger partners who want to change them.  



This zodiac sign is particularly challenging to get into a relationship with because they are not generally interested in romantic relationships. They are known as heartbreakers because people fall in love with them, but it is not reciprocated. 



Aries are extremely ambitious and are ready to sacrifice their relationships to achieve their goals which make them risky to get into a relationship with. They are known to rush things which doesn't create a stable base for a relationship. If you are trying to keep up with an Aries, you might get left in the dust. 



Virgos are perfectionists and therefore very hard to impress. They have high standards for themselves and those around them and cannot tolerate people who do not live up to them. They are quick to dump a partner they believe is no longer good enough for them.   



People tend to avoid Scorpios because they lack empathy and are extremely authoritative. They always want to assert their dominance over everything, their partners included. They are often more like a dictator than a life partner which discourages people from investing emotions in them. They like to focus on themselves and their ambitions and goals. 


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