White Woman Stalks African American Family Around Berkeley, Telling Them They Are Unwanted There, Then Police Arrive

Aug 07, 2018 by apost team

You would hope that a story like this one isn't real, but it is, and you have to see it to believe it. The incident takes place in Berkeley, California.

 The white woman was videotaped on a Memorial Day weekend being verbally obnoxious to the family and telling them to move.


Essex Cook asked her why they had to move. Witnesses report that Milewski told the family that they weren't welcome in Berkeley and didn't belong there. She clearly is heard on tape saying "Get out of Berkeley!"

The woman continued to harass them and block their path. She also tailed them as they continued their stroll. Cook was there with his girlfriend, their baby and his cousin Elexia.

Things turned nasty when Milewski allegedly began a physical assault by pulling on the braids of Elexia and trying to wrestle her to the ground. The violence got more serious as Cook tried to intervene and stop the assault. First, he pulled them apart, but then Milewski attacked again, and this time she went after his girlfriend by tearing off her top. Even her breastfeeding bra flew off during the tussle.

The commotion was loud, and Elexia claims that folks were walking by and trying not to become involved. It made her and her cousin and his girlfriend uncomfortable. They wanted witnesses to the crime to help them report the brawl to the police. Because they are an African American family, they feared the Berkeley Police might not believe their side of the story.

When the police finally arrived, Milewski claimed that they had attacked her. Police listened to both sides, and then, they arrested Lauren Milewski on suspicion of aggression and public intoxication. She is known to the department and on five years probation; she was handcuffed and removed. Essex Cook and his family didn't press charges.

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