White Tiger Stalks And Hunts Unsuspecting Zoo Caretaker

It feels like every time I go to the zoo and wander over to the tiger habitat, all of them are lazily sleeping under the shade of a tree or large rock, completely uninterested in their visitors. They’re big cats, and they behave as such.

But tigers that are kept in captivity still tend to possess their wild instincts that zoo visitors don’t often get to see. Someone managed to capture a white tiger stalking a zoo caretaker who had their back to the glass of the enclosure, and the footage will make you hold your breath in suspense!


If you’ve ever owned a cat, you may be familiar with their hunting stance. Body low to the ground, eyes fixated on their prey, cats carefully and quietly inch their way closer to their subject until finally pouncing when their target makes a move.

This is the exact method of attack a white tiger at the Moscow Zoo used when approaching a seemingly unsuspecting zoo caretaker. The caretaker seemed to know the tiger was targeting him, but maintained his position to see what the tiger would do. As someone filmed in the distance, the tiger slowly made its way closer and closer to the caretaker.

The footage will make you hold your breath in anticipation and sheer curiosity about seeing how a tiger attacks will keep you hooked.

It’s clear the man is protected from danger, but the anticipation of an imminent “attack” must be stressful! He manages to keep his composure for our viewing pleasure.

This video will keep you on your toes! You can enjoy it below :)

It’s so scary, but also pretty cool! Zoo caretakers must love their job a lot to tolerate being around animals that would kill them in a heartbeat every day.

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