White Lion Cub At Belgrade Zoo Tries To Roar And Sounds Like A Sheep

Dec 03, 2019

You can go to any number of zoos around the world and you’ll hardly find such a treat: a lioness has given birth to a rare white lion cub. And it bleats like a lamb.

Our cute fluffy cub has, in fact, become a favorite of thousands of fans around the world as she is viewed stumbling and crawling on her cushioned wooden box, bleating, cooing and seemingly searching for her mother even as her caretaker caresses and tries to comfort her. It was her first attempt of a lion’s roar, though it came out more like a bleat of a lamb. Belgrade zookeeper Nedezda Radovic nuzzles the snout of this newborn cub that doesn’t even have a name yet as she tells us her story. The cub’s mother is Masha who came from South Africa’s famed Kruger National Park. She hails from a line of a rare breed, not a genetic aberration like that of an albino, but one unique to her genetic kind. These rare white lions are in fact a subspecie of lions within Kruger, South Africa.


It is very rare to spot these lions in the wild, especially as they come only from one specific area of South Africa’s savannah, the Timbavati. It’s so rare to spot them that the Global White Lion Protection Trust declared that the last time Westerners have seen them in their natural habitat was in 1938. A few of these white lions exist today in Timbavati. Most are in captivity. This rare breed is held as a spiritual symbol by the native people of the Makuleke tribe who have inhabited the Kruger National Park well over a thousand years.

Efforts have been made to grow the number of these rare white breeds in their natural habitat that three white lion prides have reportedly been successfully introduced in their endemic land since 2004. A week after the video of our little white cub was released publicly, she has been weighed at 2.8 pounds, unaware and disaffected by the amount of attention she’s getting. Her caretaker, the Belgrade Zoo and the rest of the world celebrate in the introduction of a new cub to their growing population of rare white lions. Today, they have their twelfth.

Is there someone you know whom you can introduce our rare white cub to and have them enjoy listening to her bleating?