Which Image Are You Drawn To? Read What It Reveals About Your Personality

Jun 08, 2018 by apost team

We can easily determine the way your mind operates when you pick from a pattern below. What you choose tells a lot about you, so pick your favorite pattern and scroll on down! 


#1 Clear and Distinct 

If you chose this pattern, you tend to look for the simple things in life. Your mind is able to make complex patterns into simple ones and this makes it easy for you to solve problems and get to the root of any issue. You understand a problem first, then you solve and conclude it. 

#2 Interlinked 

Choosing this pattern means that your mind always tries to find the intricacies within the most difficult problems. You always look deeper into any problem before trying to solve it. Your solutions are always practical and well thought out. You have a very perceptive nature and can understand complex issues quicker than most. 

#3 Bold and Straight 

This pattern choice means that you have a mind that is automatically drawn to the simple yet bold things in life. You are very open and straightforward and you prefer to keep things uncomplicated. You find beauty in the simple things of life and your mind likes to keep things uncomplicated.

#4 Layered and Complex 

Your mind is complicated if this is the pattern you picked. Your personality is a strong mixture of many different aspects which makes you a mysterious individual to be around. You elude an enigmatic personality and people enjoy being around you because you are so interesting and appealing.

#5 Solution Oriented 

If this picture catches your eye, then you are a very solution-oriented type of person. You understand intricate problems and you go right for finding the answer. You look for designs and patterns in the world around you in order to quickly find the solution. You always remain completely focused on how to solve something rather than dwell on the issue. 

#6 Extroverted 

Your personality definitely leans towards extroverted if this was the pattern you picked. You can look at a situation from an outsider’s perspective and others pick up on your beautiful thoughts when you express yourself. You love being around others and you make no effort to hide your innermost feelings. Friends and family enjoy having you around because you make them feel good about themselves. 

#7 Introverted 

You are more than likely on the inverted side if you picked this image. You have your own little world inside your head and you often live in your thoughts. You are very self-aware and this shows in your personality. You can be alone and be happy! 

#8 Creative and Perfectionist 

You are drawn towards beautiful and creative things if you chose this image. Not everyone can see the beauty in objects as you can, a quality that is quite rare. Your creative side draws you close to the arts and you will always love creativity. However, you can also be a bit of a perfectionist. 

What image did you pick and was the description of it right? Let us know what you think in the comments!