When Veterinarian First Saw Lil' Bub Claimed She Was "The Weirdest Cat I've Ever Seen" Because Of Her Appearance

Sep 11, 2019

A few years ago, Mike Bridavsky met an unusual cat. With her wide eyes, small stature, and protruding tongue, she looked nothing like her siblings. Mike picked up the unique looking cat at the animal rescue, and she immediately started purring.

"Lil Bub" fell asleep on Mike's shoulder. After he learned that Lil Bub needed special care and was having a difficult time being adopted, he rescued her on the spot. Today, Lil Bub is an Internet sensation.

Lil Bub has an extreme case of dwarfism. Compared to her body, her limbs are small, and she has a hard time moving. Moreover, her lower jaw doesn’t match up to her upper jaw. And since she has no teeth, her tongue consistently hangs out. All four of her paws have extra toes, making her a polydactyl cat. Lil Bub is also known as a perma-kitten—she will always be small and have kitten-like features, according to her website.

What Makes Lil Bub Lovable

Because Lil Bub was extremely small and strange-looking, Mike realized why other people were unlikely to adopt her. In addition, there was the potential of high medical bills, the heavy responsibility, and inevitable heartache they would suffer upon her death. Mike felt differently. Since he knew Lil Bub might not live very long, he wanted to give her a loving home and happy life until she passed.


Mike took Lil Bub to the veterinarian, who said she was "the weirdest cat he’d ever seen" according to an interview Mike did with Conscious Cat. The vet diagnosed Lil Bub’s conditions and told Mike that despite all of her medical issues, she was still in pretty good shape. Now, Lil Bub enjoys hanging out with Mike at his recording studio. And Mike has come to love Lil Bub because of her odd looks and so-called flaws. Mike was so proud of Lil Bub, he posted her photos to a blog.

The strange-looking cat intrigued people. They wanted to know more about her. And, although Mike imagined Lil Bub might become famous, he never could have predicted just how famous. Mike had posted photos of Lil Bub on LilBub.com, and one of her photos went viral. People started posting comments asking about her afflictions and what kind of cat she was.

Lil Bub, Internet Sensation

Today, the odd-looking kitty has an entire line of products, including shirts, plush toys, mugs, and more. She has a book titled, Lil Bub’s Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet, with full-color photos of her traveling through space, exploring earth, flying in a hot air balloon, taking a nap, and skateboarding. Her product line also includes pillows, blankets, and socks. If that isn’t enough, Lil Bub stars in a documentary called Lil Bub and Friendz, produced by Vice Media.

What makes this story even more special is that Mike wants to spread awareness about homeless pets and advocate for other pets with special needs. Mike and Lil Bub have been doing personal appearances and meet and greets at shelters all across the country. In addition to interacting with the public at the appearances, Mike donates money, food, and other necessary items to the shelters that host the events.

Mike has set up a Lil Bub Fund and partnership with the ASPCA. Together, they allocate the donations to ASPCA programs that specifically help special needs animals. And, the proceeds of the Lil Bub merchandise sold on the website are donated to local Indiana shelters, including the Bloomington Animal Shelter, Monroe County Humane Association, and Exotic Feline Rescue Center.

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