When Kittens Fall Asleep Next To A Puppy, She Comes Up With A Foolproof Plan Not To Wake Them

In this video, you will meet a trio of adorable sleeping kittens and a very conscientious pup. Their relationship is truly admirable and proves that dogs and cats can still be the best of friends and have each other's back.

This one-of-a-kind footage has already garnered over 2.3 million views and you'll soon find out why.

On a big old comfy couch, three little kittens have all fallen asleep on their backs with their tiny paws outstretched. Next to the kittens lies an awake Pomeranian puppy that had mimicked their fairly odd sleeping position.

Watch closely as the sweet puppy remains absolutely still so it does not disturb its feline pals.

The kittens can be seen curiously waking, stretching and nodding off repeatedly throughout the entirety of the clip while the puppy hilariously stays laying on its back.


The Pomeranian almost appears to be afraid to move and dutifully stays by their side. The next clip reveals that the wily kittens have eventually decided to use the fuzzy puppy as their brand new pillow. You can tell that this very considerate puppy had enjoyed every moment of being a cuddle buddy to these adoring cats.

No savory treat or walk to the dog park could ever entice this puppy to move away from its perfect spot. We think this pretty dog deserves a strong round of applause.

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