When Baby Outgrew Her Crib, Her Father Created A Meaningful Piece For Their Family Home

Sep 05, 2019 by apost team

Raising children is bittersweet; as children get bigger, they outgrow things that were once essential. Rather than leaving his daughter's crib to collect dust, one father decided to transform it into a breathtaking porch swing for the entire family to enjoy for years to come.

Recycling Your Baby's Crib


Once children are old enough for their own bed, you might be wondering how you can preserve their crib. It's hard to let go of baby things, even when your little ones are just toddlers.

Repurposing your child's crib is a nice way to express your love for them and remind yourself of their earliest days. As time goes on, they'll outgrow many things, but these ideas will allow your child's youngest moments to live on.


Magazine Rack

Remove the back of the crib and mount it on the wall to hang magazines or even towels. You can repaint the wood to give it a glossy new finish and match your living room or bathroom's interior.

Wall Art

Saw a small portion of the crib off and hang it on the wall. Adorn it with cut-out letters and fasten them with twine to decorate your child's nursery. Arrange a sweet message or just spell out their name or initials.

A Handy Craft Table

Take down the crib's gate and replace the mattress with a counter-top. Just like that, you'll have a craft table perfect for your playroom! It's the right size for small children to sit at. With wheels, it will be easy to move around and clean as needed!

Reading Nook

Disassemble your crib or flip it over so the opening faces the bottom. Add pillows, cushions and plenty of plushies to create a cozy reading nook for your children.


Use the wood from your child's crib to create the frame for a chalkboard easel. Kids and grown-ups alike can draw cute pictures and leave inspiring messages for one another.

Recycled Bench

The frame of a crib makes for the perfect back of a bench. Use lacquer to give it a shiny finish, or distress it for a more rustic, country feel.

Kitchen Storage

Similar to the magazine rack, mount a part of the crib on your kitchen wall and use it to hang dish towels, mount pots and pans and house spice racks.


Lower the crib, remove one wall and lay a piece of glass, wood or marble over the top. You'll instantly have a DIY shelf that is perfect for holding books, toys or anything else you need to store!

Craft Station

A wall of crib bars is the perfect way to free up space to artfully display all of your supplies. From spools of thread to fabric, this is a fantastic way to purposefully immortalize a piece of your child's childhood.

A Cute Wagon

Transform your child's crib into an adorable wagon. Paint it a fun color, add colorful, comfortable cushions and take it on all of your family walks or picnics in the park.

Patio Furniture

Decorating your old crib with pillows and cushions like the baby's father will instantly transform any outdoor space and make it feel more like home.

Aren't these the sweetest ideas for preserving memories? Tell us your favorite ways to DIY your children's old things in the comments!