When A Marine Can't Attend His Girlfriend's Prom She Replaces Him With Someone Way Cuter

Aug 08, 2018 by apost team

High school proms have always been special. It is one of the most memorable moments anyone will have as a young person. Skylar Fontaine, whose boyfriend is a marine, had mixed feelings as prom approached. She was excited to attend prom, but her boyfriend wasn't going to be able to attend with her. She decided to take someone else out for prom.

Gage Moak, Skylar's boyfriend, was away from home training in the United States Marine Corps. Skylar has been there for Gage the entirety of his military career. She thinks this has strengthened their relationship.

Despite their healthy relationship, she was heartbroken that Gage wouldn't be able to attend her prom. Luckily, Gage's 2-year-old brother was ready to take his place. Clay Jr, Gage's brother, was even dressed like his borther: in a Marine uniform.


Gage's grandmother ended up taking pictures to send to Gage. Clay Jr, in Marine uniform, and Skylar, in standard prom attire, made for some excellent photos. You can really see the bond that Skylar and Clay Jr have in the photos.

Gage described the photos as a treat. He loved seeing his little brother and his girlfriend getting along so great. The photos were so great they obtained over 200,000 likes, earning several thousand shares.

This story is truly inspiration, showing the bond between a girlfriend and her boyfriend's family. The photos show a woman who took a heartbreaking moment and made the best of it. Tell your friends and family about this intuitive, clever young woman.