'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Made History By Winning Prize Valued At $375,000

May 02, 2021 by apost team

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant made history on April 27, 2021, when she won a house valued at $375,000. Laura Trammell, a sixth-grade teacher from Mission Viejo, California stunned both the audience and hosts when she solved the final puzzle in the bonus round of the game. She was fortunate enough to win during the week that the companies Latitude Margaritaville and Minto were doing the “Home Sweet Home Giveaway.” 

Earlier in the show, Trammell had already won $23,690 and a vacation getaway to St. Thomas. She went into the bonus round with her game face on and answered correctly with “I caught a glimpse” just moments before the buzzer went off. It was after she answered that host Pat Sajak revealed the prize, a brand new home. Trammell couldn’t have looked more shocked to hear the news.

With her total winnings adding up to $398,690 Trammell could move anywhere she likes, but the home she won is located in the tropical Latitude Margaritaville community which looks more like a vacation destination than a permanent residence. She is sure to enjoy the legendary winnings. Trammell’s prize is the largest “non-million” win in the game’s history.

While this was a moment for celebration, there was an incident with the confetti cannons that could have ended in disaster. As co-host, Vanna White began walking across the stage after the prize was announced, a cannon went off right next to her head and nearly injured her. Luckily, everyone was alright in the end, although shaken up by the huge win and rogue cannons.

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Sajak explained the incident once the show returned from commercial break. He said, "First thing, I have to tell you that, when you won, Vanna was running across the stage, and the confetti came out, and you got whacked in the head by a clump of confetti!" It must have been quite the surprise for White who has been co-host of “Wheel of Fortune” since 1982. 

"Thank goodness, it wasn't my eye," White responded to Sajak, who cried, "You could've put your eye out!" The hostess was lucky that there were no injuries but it sure gave her quite a shock on an already shocking night. The confetti cannons typically only go off when a contestant wins the million-dollar prize or $100,000, but since this was the first time a home has been offered and won, White was not expecting them.

After revealing the historic prize Sajak exclaimed, “This is nuts!” When asked what she was feeling at that moment Trammell said, "I am beyond excited, I'm still in shock. I still can't believe it just happened." As a teacher who shapes the futures of children, she definitely deserves this amazing prize. 

The Orange County Register covered the story and got the chance to speak with Trammell about her incredible experience. She has been a fan of the show for years and was waiting for her opportunity to show what she can do. She said, “I had told my husband for years and years, I told him, ‘You get me on that show and I will win us some money.’” Well, she sure did deliver on that promise!  


Trammel had no expectations of taking home such a historic prize. She explained to the news outlet, “When we got there, we knew that the theme was ‘Home Sweet Home,’ but I knew nothing of the prizes. I was hoping to win some furniture or something. Look, I just wanted a little bit of money; a trip would be great. I wasn’t even thinking of a house.”

Now Trammell and her husband have to decide what to do with the brand new home. She said, “The plan right now is that we’re going to rent it out, and hopefully get a nice retired couple who wants to think about living there and get a lease.” The community is more for retired people, so Trammell and her husband have some time before they are ready to drop everything and move to Margaritaville. She added, “We’re not ready to up and leave and head to Florida, so we’ve got some time.”

As a big fan of the show, the night Trammell won big is not something she will soon forget. She was even treated like a star by her students when she returned to work. She said, “I was able to get the card that Pat pulled out and then revealed the home prize, and Pat and Vanna autographed it for me. It was like the biggest movie star had walked into their school. They were loving it.” 

The historic win was enjoyed by audiences all over the country. Many went to the video on YouTube to share their reactions and congratulate Trammel on her win. User Alexis Reyes wrote, “Congratulations. I literally screamed on the top of my lungs when she won a home. Enjoy your new place!” 

The night Trammell won a house will go down in “Wheel of Fortune” history. Did you catch this episode? What do you think of the historic prize? Let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to pass this on to your loved ones.

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