What Your Favorite Bird Means For Your Intelligence Type

Apr 16, 2018 by apost team

Everyone feels a connection with certain things: people, food, colors, and animals are few examples. These decisions are made subconsciously and reflect certain things about our personalities. When you choose your favorite bird, that will tell you what type of intelligence is your greatest strength.

Choose your favorite bird and see what it reveals about your mind.

1. Eagle


If you choose the eagle, you are a powerful leader. You have an incredible ability to delegate tasks to others to make sure everyone gets things done. Your personal intelligence can lead you to positions of power, like the presidency!


2. Owl


Choosing the owl means that your intuition is your biggest strength. You find it easy to read people and judge what they are thinking. You are always aware of what is going on around you as if you have the owl’s amazing eyesight.

3. Finch


This little songbird means that you are highly intelligent where relationships are concerned. You can pinpoint what people are really saying and spot the truth among lies. You are great at working out problems with others, and people come to you for help solving their relationship difficulties.

4. Peacock


Showy and brilliant, this bird is loved by people who are great artists and have an awesome sense of style. People are jealous of how beautiful your home and wardrobe are. Many majors in art and design love the peacock best of all.

5. Starling


Starlings are great at finding their way around, and you have an amazing sense of direction. People never get lost with you there to help them.

6. Cardinal


Choosing the cardinal as your favorite bird means that you are always aware of your surroundings. You have a practical bent and are very good at getting yourself out of trouble. You are mentally awake and have used your intelligence to get ahead in life.

7. Blue Jay


Blue jays are super smart, and choosing them means that you have a head for figures. You are quick at math and other difficult subjects. You love numbers and you can always help kids with their math homework.

How accurate is this quiz? Let us know whether your intelligence type is reflected in your favorite bird. Let your friends and family know about this bird type article and see their intelligence is reflected :)