What Wake-Up Call Do You Need Right Now? Choose A Lightning Bolt To Find Out

Which Lightening Bolt is Speaking to You?
Find What You Need with These Lightening Bolts
Let These Lightening Bolts Kick-Start Your Life!

At some point in life, we all need a wake up call – something that kick-starts us into action. Look at the pictures below and choose the one that speaks most to your heart. Which one is the most attractive to you? Which one draws you in? Which makes you feel empowered? Once you’ve chosen your special picture, read below to see what it’s telling you.

#1. Purple
If you chose this color, it is a sure sign that you are standing on the brink of a decision or a move in life, but are too afraid to take action. Maybe you want to join a choir, accept a new job, or even open your heart up to a romantic interest. If you chose purple, it’s time to take that step.

Start by releasing your desire to hold back as you slowly say “I let it go”. The purple lightening is urging you to wake up and step out to your true destiny. Don’t try to hide your feelings any longer – release all your fears and grasp the chance to do something extraordinary with your life! Be honest with yourself and those around you, embracing what you truly want and need to do. The world needs you and your potential…don’t keep silent any longer!

#2. Orange
The orange lightening bolt attracted you because it is calling out for you to unburden your soul of all its cares and to start embracing the moment. Let the lightening bolt urge you to accept laughter and to be happy where you are.

Life is full of ups and downs, and it can be easy to get so caught up in every-day stresses that we forget to be happy! Lay aside all of the things that are keeping you from being joyful about life, and simply embrace the pure excitement of being alive. The orange bolt encourages you to accept life with childlike excitement. Start by smiling at other people, think positive thoughts, and do little things that will bring cheer to your life. You could make your life happier by taking a child out to get ice cream, planting a few flowers around your home, or starting a “pay it forward” chain where you do small acts of kindness for someone else.

#3. Green
When you are attracted to green, it means that you’re ready to embrace good health, fertility, and over-all well-being. This lightening bolt signifies that it’s time to release toxic substances from your life and to start embracing what can truly point you toward a better tomorrow!

Have you been consumed by addictions and unhealthy living habits? The green lightening bolt is telling you that it’s time to let it all go. Start taking those baby-steps toward releasing the things that are poisoning your happiness and health, and start a new chapter in your life. Speaking of baby steps, green also signifies fertility. Have you been questioning the idea of having a baby? Start doing things to prepare for a new life and then welcome that bundle of joy into your home!

#4. Magenta
This color represents spirituality and proving that your soul longs for something higher than just itself.

If you chose magenta, it’s time to recognize your need for a Higher Power and to take steps toward closing this void in your life. Or, perhaps you’re already spiritual but have lost your fervor over time – magenta is your wake-up call to revive your spirit. Start doing what is necessary to learn more about your spiritual side from spending extra time in prayer, fasting, reading books, and attending services.

#5. Blue
Blue is a restful color that is drawing you in, trying to convince you that it’s time to step back and slow down.

Look over your life and consider your recent choices. You’re running yourself ragged, aren’t you? The stress and hectic patterns of life leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Rather than allow yourself to be consumed by the cares of this world, lay them aside and simply rest. Forget making big decisions, and give yourself the time you need to recharge and reconnect. Consider taking a short break from school or work, or even go so far as to take a vacation where you can leave the stress of everyday life behind. If these are not options, at least set aside some time every day to just relax and focus on getting the rest you need!

#6. Red
If you were attracted to the red lightening bolt, it means that you need a good dose of motivation. At one point you were excited about life…but now you’ve grow tired and overwhelmed.

The first step is to start taking action. Rather than allow yourself to be held down by your feelings of exhaustion, step up and rejuvenate yourself with action! You’ve rested long enough – now it’s time to get back to work! Whether you’ve delayed fixing a broken relationship, starting a new project, or volunteering to help others, now is a time to say “yes!” and get going.