What Type Of Lover Are You According To Your Birth Month?

Apr 07, 2018 by apost team

The month you were born decides a lot of factors about your personality and motivations. Your character is very dependent on your date of birth, especially the way you love.

Simply look up your birth month to find out what kind of lover you truly are!


You are an imaginative and fun lover, who is always up for trying new things...even in the bedroom. Being born in January means you devote yourself to your partner and make sure the passion is always strong.



You are a very caring lover who also leans towards being adventurous and steamy when intimate. People fall in love with you easily because you are very emotional and caring towards the lucky person you decide to give your love to.


You’re one of the best people to be in love with because you’re caring, passionate, committed, and like exploring new places and things to do with your lover. You love taking care of others and devoting yourself to your lover!


You are a deep and spiritual person, which totally reflects in your love life. People love being with you because you are unique and powerful, something they’ve probably never experienced!


Being born in May means you are an intense lover. People are driven wild by your flirting skills and instantly fall for you. You are absolutely irresistible! You’re also very physically attractive, which means no one can stay away.


A June lover is excellent in the bedroom and you’re absolutely memorable. After one date a person may feel like they’re already in love with you. You are intoxicating and possibly have a lot of people with crushes on you.


You are simply a fantastic lover. You value love and affection and make sure you give it to the person you are devoted to. Your deep and loving heart instantly hooks people in, and people crave your warmth.


Being born in August means you are a fiery and heated lover who loves to show off for their partner! You like to keep things fun and exciting, emotionally and physically, and fall in love with people who can keep up with your blazing nature.


You are a fascinating lover who knows how to grab the attention and hearts of those you meet. You are naturally attractive and sweet, yet you know how to spice things up when the time is right.


Those born in October are overflowing with love, gentleness, and kindness. However, you also have a total wild side, especially in the bedroom! You’re amazing at anything you try, and people love that about you.


If you were born in November, then you’re one of the best lovers around. You like to take your time and not rush a relationship, and like to make sure your partner is always having fun. You’re very warm-hearted and spread love around!


You are a stimulating and intoxicating lover who can be either sweet or sexy at the drop of a hat. You know exactly what to do to make your lover happy since you are great at reading other people’s emotions.


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