What Makes You Angry According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Every person has his or her own annoyances that cause us to go over the edge. Some people internalize their anger and become sad and depressed while others fly off the handle and explode. Some hold grudges but others flare up like gasoline on a fire and then forget about it and easily move on.

Each zodiac sign handles things differently. Understanding the influence of each sign can help us pinpoint the root causes of anger and learn how to cope with it. Astrology can also help us deal with the emotional extremes of those around us, letting us know who needs special attention and who needs to be avoided until they’ve calmed down. Here are the ways the twelve signs deal with anger.



Watch out for Aries’ intense flare-ups. When they are upset, they will lash out with cutting words. Aries’ anger doesn’t last long. If you can patiently distract them, they will settle down quickly and forget all about it. They don’t hold grudges.




Impatient and set in their ways, it’s easy to make a Taurus angry. They don’t like any kind of uncertainty and can become highly reactive when pushed. It’s best to leave an angry Taurus alone to process his or her feelings. Getting too close may only make their behaviour worse, meaning it will take even longer for them to calm down.



An angry Gemini often imagines trouble where there is none. He or she takes the smallest provocation and “awfulizes” it until the problem is epic. For example, a Gemini may think that a partner forgetting their birthday means that the relationship is over. Patience is necessary in dealing with an angry Gemini.



The most emotional of all signs, Cancers are deeply attached to their loved ones, sometimes past the point of reason. They work themselves up when they feel they aren’t getting enough love and support. Once they are upset, it takes a long while to talk them down, so be careful and don’t give them a reason to distrust you.



Leos are quick to anger. They are an open book, so it’s easy to spot their extremes in temperament. If their pride is injured, they are likely to blow up. Thankfully, they cool down as quickly as they blaze up, and move on from their hurt feelings before long. It’s best to let them be until they feel more like themselves.



Virgos are one of the cruellest signs when they are upset. They take their aggressions out on friends. They don’t deal with anger well at all, and can shut people out after the outburst has ended. It’s best not to engage with them when they are blowing their tops.



Libras are slow to anger, but when they do have negative feelings, they repress them until they can’t stand it anymore. A Libra holds a grudge for a long time and can let it chip away at his or her sense of calm until it all boils over.



This sign is incredibly stubborn and can be mean-spirited, especially when their buttons are pushed. When angry, they lash out. They don’t pull punches, and they don’t think before saying cruel things. It’s best to stay out of their way when they are angry; trying to calm them down can only make them worse.



Sagittarius have one of the calmest personalities of all the signs. It’s difficult to push them into anger, but when they do get upset, they tend to become depressed and withdrawn. It’s best to talk about what’s bothering them; they appreciate a direct approach.


This is another sign driven by pride. Capricorns isolate themselves when they are upset, and bury themselves in work as a way of avoiding their feelings. When your Capricorn friend is distant and withdrawn, don’t try to joke with them as a means of cheering them up: their sense of humor isn’t the best and you may make them close up even more.


Aquarius is another sunny and upbeat sign: it’s difficult to make them angry. They are usually able to roll with life’s punches and avoid getting caught up in anger and resentment. When they are upset, they tend to repress their feelings and distance themselves from the situation.


Pisces latch onto negative thoughts and amplify them in their heads. They can make a bad situation worse by reliving past negative emotions and situations. Help them get through their anger by distracting them from rehashing their experiences.

What did you think about this list? How does your zodiac get angry? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments - and make sure to pass this along to your friends for them to see too!