What Does Your Manicure Reveal About Your Personality?

It may surprise you to learn that your favorite manicure style is revealing specific traits about your personality. Interested in learning more about what you're saying to the world with your nails? Keep reading!

1. Square

Brave, Strong, Natural Leader

If you prefer your manicure to be square, this says that you have a brave and noble personality. You are a natural leader who attracts many loyal friends with your immense amount of self-confidence. You believe in always being prepared for whatever obstacles you may encounter, so you are very organized and possess a sharp, strategic mind when it comes to formulating plans. You are incredibly fearless in the pursuit of your dreams.

2. Oval

Gentle, Romantic, Compassionate

You are the type of person who wears your heart on your sleeve. You are able to make new friends without even trying because they can sense that you're a very caring person with a loving nature. You are very connected to your emotions which causes you to be a little oversensitive sometimes. Your loving nature provides you with a positive outlook on even the most stressful of situations. Because of your abundant positivity and optimism, you can always be seen wearing a smile.

3. Square Oval

Determined, Self-Confident

If you prefer the squoval type of manicure, you are blazing a trail of success through life as you move to your newest and greatest goal. You are an amazing, primal force of a person. You absolutely refuse to deal with disrespect, games, or indecisiveness. Quite frankly, you are fully aware of what you deserve and you absolutely refuse to settle for less. Although some people may call you rude or abrasive, you don't let their words cramp your style. You attract many admirers because of your brilliant and powerful personality. You know where you're going in life, and you will not let anyone or anything get in your way.

4. Almond

Original, Imaginative

Those who rock the almond manicure have a playful and creative spirit. You find your mind and your heart being pulled by the winds of fate, compelled to heed the call of the wild. Although you've known many troubles in your life, you rarely succumb to stress. Your youthful spirit refuses to be weighed down by the negativity of the world around you. Surprisingly, you find yourself attracting people who are severely stressed and have lost touch with their playful side. This is because being in your presence allows them to reconnect with their own youthful spirit.

5. Stiletto

Risk-taker, Competitive

You've never met a challenge that you didn't like. And there's never been a challenge that you couldn't conquer. You are a brash and confident individual that can charm people with just a flash of your smile. Though your exterior is strong, you are generous and supportive of those whom you love.

How did our list of manicure personality profiles compare with your own? Let us know! Don't forget to send this article to your friends so you can compare your results!