What Does Your Man's Facial Hair Reveal About Their Compatibility With You?

Mar 21, 2018 by apost team

Have you found the man of your dreams? Do you feel like you've found the one? Or are you concerned that you might not be 100% compatible? His facial hair will reveal all! Read on to learn what his facial hair is hiding in terms of compatibility!


1: Full Beard

A full beard is a mature look that not every man can pull off. It suggests your man is a deep thinker and sensible. He may even be wise beyond his years. Full-bearded men are best suited to strong, independent women who place a lot of trust in their partners. Women who enjoy sitting back and admiring their partners are best suited to full-bearded men.



2: Ducktail

Ducktail beards are distinguished by their pointed end which signifies a person who loves to be center stage. Men with ducktail beards never want to be the bridesmaid and as a result are compatible with women who prefer to be off-stage. Ducktail-bearded men are best suited to women who are quietly confident and allow their partners to take the limelight.


3: Extended Goatee

Wearers of the extended goatee are vibrant and youthful. They have a fun side and therefore need a partner who will join them on their fun adventures. Women with a playful side often make the best partners for extended-goatee wearing men. Easy-going women match best.


4: Zappa

Men with the zappa style facial hair never go out of fashion. They recognize a classic style when they see one and never veer from that path. Zappa-wearers are most compatible with stable women. Women who are steadfast and no-nonsense suit zappa-wearing men best. Women with a quietly confident sexuality are 100% matches.


5: Verdi

Wearers of the verdi aren't lacking in confidence. They know their own minds and therefore compliment women who are equally strong and creative best. Women who are queens of their own lives will find the most joy with these assured verdi-wearers.


6: Circle Beard

A circle beard is one of the easiest to maintain, it is clean, simple and stylish. As a result, men with circle beards are unfussy. They suit women who don't get easily phased. Artistic, creative types tend to make better partners for such men as they share an open-minded, generous view of the world.


7: Bandholz

This relaxed, unkempt style reflects a happy-go-lucky type of guy. He is the sort who values time with friends and as a result, is a perfect match for equally sociable, outgoing women. A partner who has her own life beyond the relationship will compliment a bandholz-man well.


8: Garibaldi

A well-kempt garibaldi requires care and attention. As such, a man with a garibaldi beard is a very measured, careful type. He is best-suited to a woman who offers her partner the same care and attention he shows his facial hair. Patient and caring women make the best partners for garibaldi-wearing men.


9: Clean Shaven

Clean shaven men are the least abrasive types out there. They value order and precision. As such, they are most compatible with women who prioritize their relationship and carry a mature head on their shoulders. Women who are bold and hard-working suit clean-shaven men best.


10: Stubble

Men with stubble like to think of themselves as mature but they're just hiding a playful side. Women who secretly wear the trousers while letting their partners still think they're in charge are most compatible. Women who blur the line between young at heart and old soul will get on best with stubbly men.


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