What Does It Mean When Your Cat Cuddles Up On The Couch With You?

If you are a cat owner, you may not actually know how much your cat genuinely loves you. While you appreciate their quirky, curious personalities, you may not be able to recognize all of the ways they show their affection. Is your cat just entertaining you in order to receive food or treats, or does your cat actually love you? We’ve compiled the top signs of affection that prove how much your cat loves you.

1. Drooling For You

You may believe that meows are a sign of love, but it is actually drooling that can prove a cat’s adoration for you. Although it may not be the cleanest form of love, be assured that if your furry friend drools when you show them affection that they truly love you.


2. Snuggling Up On The Couch

Binge watching Netflix on your Friday night? Surely your cat isn’t snuggling up to you on the couch to watch the show, but rather because they love you. This is your cat’s opportunity to show their loyalty and fondness for you.

3. Surprising You With Gifts

You may have heard of a cat’s inner hunting instincts, and perhaps believed that your cat is too tame or sweet to participate in hunting. However, cats will always be hunters at heart, and leaving you gifts that they have hunted is one of the top ways to tell if your cat loves you. By leaving you dead birds or mice, they want to let you know that you’re family to them.

4. Interrupting Your Work

Ever noticed your kitty curling up on your keyboard the day before a huge assignment is due? Perhaps they rub against your phone while you’re on an important call. This cute kitten habit is actually a proof of love and a desire to be your center of attention.

5. Hating When You Leave Them

A surefire way to tell your cat looks at you as their alpha is if they hate when you leave the house. They may even go ballistic when you attempt to leave them, getting in your way or being as vocal as possible. Although it may be frustrating, it is also a showcase of their true adoration.

6. Being Happy When You Return

Although upset when you first left, the frustration won’t last for long because as soon as you return, your cat will be showering you with affection. If your kitty shows immense love and attention to you when you return, you can be sure they missed you.

7. Rubs Against You

You may notice your cat rubbing against many objects in your house, but what does it mean when they rub against their human? When your cat exhibits this behavior, they are marking you with their scent, and therefore accepting and approving of you as their owner.

8. Kneading Their Paws

These behaviors come from their infant days when kneading their mother’s breast would help to stimulate the production of milk. Kneading their paws as adults can show that your cat is calm and comforted by you, one of the most fulfilling signs that your cat loves you.

9. Not Covering Their Poop

You may have gotten a cat because of their independent tendencies, especially those that refer to their bathroom habits. So when a cat is refusing to cover their poop in the litter box, it may show that your cat is resenting you or feels that their dominance has been threatened.

10. Ear Twitches

When a cat twitches their ears, they may be displaying symptoms of frustration and anxiety. It is a warning sign to give your cat some space, which may precede more aggressive behaviors like hissing.

11. Mouth Open Stare

Although it may look funny, your cat is actually displaying a complex scientific behavior known as the “Flehmen response”. This involves the cat trying to understand complicated smells through the roof of their mouth that cannot be understood by their noses alone.

12. Tiny Meows

A tiny meow is your cat’s personal greeting to you. By saying hi with a little meow, they are displaying signs that they are happy to see you and may even begin rubbing against you or showing more affection. How wonderful to be greeted this way!

13. Falling Asleep On Your Chest

Much like kneading, this behavior shows that your cat feels safe and secure with you. Kitties love sleeping in this area because they are able to feel the beating of your heart, as well as absorb some of your body heat. Your cat definitely feels comfortable with you if they sleep on your chest.

You may be curious about many of your cat’s behaviors, but it is easy to tell whether your cat is affectionate or frustrated once you know what behaviors to look out for. What are some behaviors that your cat uses to convey their emotions?