What Do You Fear? Reveal Your Hidden Fears With This Photo Test

Aug 15, 2017 by apost team

Everyone has fears that they admit to, such as heights, flying or spiders. People also have fears that they are afraid to admit even to themselves.

Take a look at this Vladimir Kush painting. What do you see first? What you see tells you about your hidden fears. 



If you saw the knife first, then you are secretly afraid of cancer or another terminal illness. You are afraid that death will knock at the door at any moment. You also fear how much you will have to suffer until you draw your final breath.


If you saw the caterpillar first, then you are afraid of ghosts and other things in the unseen world. You find it hard to make decisions, and sleep often evades you because you are afraid of things that you cannot see with the human eye. 


While you try to keep others from knowing, you fear rejection in your subconscious. Do you often wonder if your significant other truly loves you? Are you worried about your job? You may find it very difficult to make friends. 


Your hidden fear is death of a loved one. You are afraid that someone is going to slip away from you very soon. Alternatively, you may have just lost someone, and you are still reeling from the traumatizing blow. 

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