We’re Unsure What’s More Extraordinary—Her Adorable Little Face Or Her Ancestry

Scott and Jackie Nelson are horse breeders in Melbourne, Florida. The couple has developed a reputation for the incredible paint horses they breed.

The riding ranch owned by the couple is named Down Under Colour. Many of the horses raised by Jackie and Scott have won prizes at horse shows. Despite the knowledge and experience, the couple has with horses, they were more surprised recently by the birth of a filly. They named the filly Coconut.

Coconut was born with rare markings that once had great significance. In earlier times, he would have been designated a warhorse. These horses were prized possessions to indigenous people.


According to the International Museum of the Horse, a warhorse is a pinto that possesses special markings. The pinto must be white in color and possess a small patch that covers the top of its head and ears. The markings are referred to as either a 'medicine hat' or a 'war bonnet'. There are other characteristics that can increase the value of the warhorse.

The warhorse must also have one blue eye. Indigenous tradition holds that the blue eye of the warhorse would transport the spirit of the tribe's medicine man to the gods if he is killed in a battle, according to Down Under Colour's YouTube description

The warhorse was believed by natives to have special powers. It was thought that a warhorse could keep the medicine man and tribe members safe from danger. Natives also believed that warhorses were capable of tracking game that would otherwise go undetected in the forest.

Natives would seek to steal warhorses from other tribes. They believed the warhorse contained the good magic of the tribe. This belief led to the tendency of warhorses being closely guarded by tribes.

Jackie and Scott must have been frozen with shock upon first noticing Coconut was a warhorse. The couple shared the moment with the world through video.

What did you think about the birth of Coconut? Do you believe the indigenous folklore regarding warhorses? Show this article and video to friends that might enjoy the good fortune of Scott and Jackie.