We're Still Not Over These Crazy School Rules Even After All This Time!

When you were a kid in school, teachers and adults would always claim that your school years are “the best years of your life.” Now I don’t know who was paying them to spread that kind of propaganda, but I remember things a little differently, don’t you?

To this day, I still wonder if the insane amounts of sometimes ridiculous rules and regulations put in place by the school administration were for our own good, or just a crazy power trip. Either way, it’s been quite a few years, and we’re still mad about it!


1. No hats in class

Back in my day, teachers hated hats. You weren’t even allowed to wear them in the halls. They gave us reasons like “not being able to see our eyes” and seemed to think that a hat would magically put any student wearing it to sleep. However, it seems that young people today are much more inclined to wear hats and probably don’t have to follow this rule. If only things had been different back in our day!


2. If you’re late to class, the doors are closed.

This rule is almost understandable, as chronic tardiness can get you a bad reputation in the real world. However, the point of a school is for children to learn, and how much learning can you do when you’re locked outside of a classroom? Kids have enough time to deal with the real world when they grow up, anyways!


3. No brightly colored hair

No hats, no crazy haircuts. We weren’t allowed to express ourselves at all! It’s not easy to get away with brightly colored hair later in life, so kids should be able to do it before they have any real responsibilities. Besides, this kind of decision should fall on the parents of the child!


4. No tank tops

It wouldn’t matter if you went to school in the desert or on the surface of the sun - tank tops were strictly forbidden when we were kids. In my opinion, worrying about having sweat stains is much more distracting than the sight of a shoulder. High school is a difficult time, and no one wants to be the sweaty kid everyone makes fun of.


5. No using pens on homework

Even when gel pens were at the peak of their popularity, the teachers were set on this rule. Not only were we not allowed to use pen on homework we were handing in, but we couldn’t use pen on notes for ourselves either! We had to say goodbye to beautiful, color-coded notebooks, even if it helped us learn.


6. No bags in class

Lockers might have been fun to decorate, but not being allowed to take a bag from class to class was a nightmare if you were clumsy like me. Dropping stuff all over the floor in school isn’t anything like in the movies, where a cute boy picks everything up for you and you live happily ever after. Instead, everyone tramples all over your things and you end up with a muddy footprint on your algebra book!


7. No playing inside during recess

If you lived in a town that got below zero for most of the year like I did, this was torture. The novelty of snowball fights quickly wears off when your fingers and toes have gone numb from -18 degree Fahrenheit weather. It did, however, lead to some pretty adorable moments of kids huddling together like penguins!


I don’t know about you, but I’m still mad about this stuff! What kind of crazy rules did you and your friends have in school? Show them this and ask them today!