Wedding Couple Owns Floor With Classic Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

Back in August 2018, newlyweds Stefania and Aaron impressed their guests with a dance performance to  (I've Had) The Time of My Life, Dirty Dancing- style.

The 1980s held some of the most iconic American dance films. From Flashdance to Footloose  to even an audience-favorite, Dirty Dancing , the eighties was the year for all dancers. While not all of the dance films released became blockbuster hits, the three listed before are the top American dance films. Everyone can appreciate the aesthetic of this movie.

If you were not around during the 80s, or have never watched any of these classics, you might wonder why modern dancers worship these films. These classics are not only full of great dancing, but entangled with a catchy soundtrack, interesting storyline and plot, and nostalgic fashion. One couple decided to incorporate the film, Dirty Dancing into their wedding reception as much as they could.

The Dirty Dancing component of their wedding comes near the end of the reception. Aaron and Stefania first go through the cake tasting, slow dancing, and wine drinking traditions before they decide to put on the best show of their lives.

A familiar tune begins to play as the audience leans in their seats wondering what was to come next. The tall groom is beaming down at his gorgeous bride as the song begins to play. The song that they chose to perform to was (I've Had) The Time of My Life  a perfect choice for a couple about to spend the rest of their lives together.

When the couple begins dancing, the audience is hooked onto their every move, cheering them on as they sway and move in time to the beats. The looks on their faces and the way their bodies moved perfectly in sync with one another declares that these two were in fact, soulmates. Of course, it is also obvious that they had practiced their performance for nights on end.

Dirty Dancing is a great film in itself, however, the last scene of the film is what makes it so memorable. The couple had been veering towards this scene in their performance, trying as hard as they could to hide their knowing smiles. The couple was light on their feet and perfectly executed each move.

Behind the dancing couple were screens showing footage of their dance practices. They recreated this moment from the movie perfectly. The bride's dress flowed like the wind as she twirled and the groom's rolled up sleeve replicated Patrick Swayze's attitude from the movie.

Nearing the couple's big finale, they managed to stay calm and maintain their composures although they knew the audience was bound to be shocked. The audience clung on to their dance, moving closer so that they could record it all. In the film, the final scene occurred at a talent show where Patrick Swayze professes his love to Jennifer Grey before the two perform their final dance.

Aaron and Stefania perfectly replicated this scene, incorporating every aspect of that scene into their finale. The performance finishes when Aaron lifts Stefania. Of course, the couple was not joined by the audience when dancing, but their dance was still incredible. There are not many couples that would personalize their wedding to this extent, and it is refreshing to see a couple with such passion in their hearts.

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