Wearing A Wedding Ring Is More Important Than You Would Think - These Are The Six Reasons

May 03, 2019 by apost team

A wedding ceremony is one of the most amazing milestones of life to attend. It is all the more special for future spouses. There is nothing that can compare to the gaze of the groom when his bride walks down the aisle or the look of the partner's eyes during the ceremony that expresses utter bliss that is deaf to all that is happening around.

And then, there comes the moment when the rings are exchanged between partners. They are so beautiful, and it is so amazing that some people choose to not wear their rings.


Many couples do not wear their rings for practical reasons like a workplace that does not allow them or because of an allergy or irritation to wearing rings. Most people just do not think wedding rings have any importance.

However, a wedding ring is a symbol of something, and its wearing on the hand is an important part of what it represents in a person's life. People who are strong proponents of marriage agree in a single voice that the wearing of wedding rings is extremely important in keeping the marriage strong.

Here are the six unexpected reasons why wedding rings are important to a sustainable and strong marriage.


1. Showcase of commitment and availability


Whether you have a ring or not is a strong determinant to other people about your level of availability and how committed you are to your marriage.

Although it is something simple, the fact that you are wearing your ring is a sign to other people that you are committed in your marriage and it is important to you.

It is all the more important to your spouse to show them that you are not afraid to show your commitment when the two of you are not together. This builds more trust in the partnership and prevents misconceptions from other people.

2. Shows responsibility to your partner


A wedding is an act of connecting to another person on all levels. The moment the wedding vows are exchanged, there is a promise that your other half will be considered in all your undertakings.

The ring on your finger will remind you that your actions from now on are impacting another person as well as yourself.

This will remind you in times when you must choose between two or more options, that you must consider your partner and how your choices will impact them.

3. Symbolizes respect towards your partner


Respect is an important part of marriage. It is often not in what we say but in the small actions that we perform on a daily basis.

Marriage is a relationship that is constant, and thus, respect is constantly shown in many small and silent ways. The ring is one of the simplest but most profound showcases of respect to the other person.

If your spouse wants you to wear the ring and it is important to them, then you will show them respect for their wishes and priorities by wearing your ring when they are not present.

4. Defends from infidelity


When you are someone who is married and committed to your partner, your ring is a sure way of stating that you do not want others to try approaching you in an intimate manner.

Wearing a ring gives a stable line of defense for people who may be looking for someone to love. Most will not mess with you when you have a ring on as it will show others that your marriage matters to you and you are committed to your partner.

Some people who do not believe in marriage may try to divert you from wearing your ring, but if you are truly with your partner, you will wear it proudly, not just to save yourself unnecessary temptation along the way.

5. Gives children a secure impression of marriage


If you are a parent and want to show your children the true essence and importance of marriage, you are going to wear your ring at all times to demonstrate to them that your marriage matters.

Showing children that marriage can be a beautiful experience will make them strive to create trustful and beautiful relationships in the future. Showing children what a real married couple is in private and public will give them a healthy perspective on marriage for their own future.

Although a healthy marriage is much more than a ring, the ring itself is a representation of it and will give children the chance to talk about it and the marriage that it represents.

6. Reasons to not wear a wedding ring are never good for marriage.


Of course, there are those people who cannot by any means wear rings or are restricted by their line of work from wearing rings. They could be allergic to metals.

But for the rest of the excuses for not wearing a ring, they can either be a matter of preference or a reason that does not support marriage. There is no downside of wearing your ring when you are truly committed to your partner and consider them in everything that you do.

If you are someone that is ready to do everything for your marriage stability, partner, and the trust between you, wearing your ring is one of the surest and simplest of ways to do it.

Do you think that wearing a wedding ring is really that important to a sustainable and stable marriage? What do you think about this topic, and what is your personal choice if you are married? Pass this on and see what your married friends think!