We Do These 11 Things Wrong Every Single Day

There are a number of everyday activities we do that can be performed in a much easier way! Not everything is super complicated, as these eleven fantastic life hacks will prove.

Drinking Soda

After you pop the tab, just twist it so the hole in the tab is over the hole in the can. Then, stick a straw through both. Bam - no more spilling out!


Making Fried Eggs

Making a perfectly round fried egg isn't hard at all. Just cut a ring from an onion and put your egg inside of it in the pan. Suddenly, the egg is fried in a perfect circle!

 Putting Wires Together

When connecting two wires (like with an extension cord, for example), tie a small knot at the point where they connect. That way, the two won't separate when pulled on, making everything just so much easier.

Garlic Peeling

Instead of taking up time by trying to handle the garlic, stick the garlic bulb in a jar and screw the lid on tight. Shake it up very hard, and you'll end up with the job done much quicker.

Painting Your Nails

Follow the instructions as seen in this pictorial diagram to get your nails done in a quick and efficient way.

Quick Cooling of Drinks

If your drink gets warm, it doesn't immediately get cool when in the refrigerator. To get it cold again quickly, wrap a wet paper towel around it and then stick it in the fridge. Works like a charm!

Tying Your Shoelaces

There are plenty of methods for tying your shoes, but some of them - like this one - are just genius. (This method was discovered and tested by Ayana Fieggen.)

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cut straight through a tub of ice cream, place it on top of a cookie, remove the outside wrapping, and place another cookie on top of the ice cream. Voila, an ice cream sandwich at home. It looks like this.

Opening The Plastic

Packaging with plastic coating is just the worst! So, to easily open it, don't use scissors. Instead, use a can opener. It goes much faster and gets the package open in a neat and easy fashion.

Folding A T-Shirt


This GIF perfectly shows how to easily fold a t-shirt without a lot of fuss or hassle. It's never been easier!

Cleaning Yourself

Toilet paper isn't the most hygienic thing in the world, and it can sometimes cause pain. Instead, use a bidet! It does the same job as toilet paper, but it shoots out water and... cleans.

What do you think of these life hacks? Tell us! And make sure to let your friends know about how their lives can be so much easier!