We Bet You Will Cry When You Hear This Beautiful Rendition Of 'The Prayer'

May 30, 2018 by apost team

You never know what someone is going to sound like until you hear them for yourself. This particular singer quickly rose to fame over one song. 

Men and women file into the auditorium when he sings “The Prayer.” This beautiful duet is usually sung by a male and a female. Years ago, millions of people fell in love with the song when Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli performed it together. 

But you will be shocked at how amazing the song sounds when Marcelito Pomoy sings it all on his own. He brings a completely different sound to this beautiful song that will astound you. 

He has a truly melodious voice that you will adore. He has a God-given talent that you cannot help but love. 

What makes Marcelito Pomoy so amazing is the fact that he can actually perform both parts on his own. He has such an expansive vocal range that he can do the soprano AND tenor voice parts with ease. 


When a male vocalist can sing the higher tenor notes, people sit up and take notice. But when a male can also sing the typical female vocal range, people are truly amazed! 

It’s so impressive that you won’t believe your ears! Marcelito can easily sing both parts beautifully. His talent is unmatched and it is amazing hearing it for yourself. 

You need to listen to this unique talent for yourself. Below is his live performance that took place during Pilipinas Got Talent. He took first place during the grand finale of the show. 

Not only did Marcelito wow the audience, he also shocked and surprised the judges on stage. After just this one performance, Marcelito gained an amazing number of devoted fans. 

The amazing part of this tale is that before the show, Marcelito did not show or tell anyone else about his voice talent. He only discovered how well he could sing while performing different odd jobs to support himself. 

He quickly learned that his vocal talents were so amazing that the world needed to hear them. That is how he got the courage to perform on stage in front of thousands of men and women. 

You don’t want to miss out on this performance! This particular song is the perfect choice to showcase his amazing talents. Marcelito Pomoy is truly one of a kind! 

Watch his amazing video below and see for yourself! His performance will always stay with you! 

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