Wayward Horse Galloping Wrong Way On Highway Leads Police Chase

In this episode of "Paw & Order," a stubborn horse was found running northbound in a southbound lane, which caused a major disruption, and stress, for one police officer.

Officer Arthur Madden recalls his determination to stop the horse before it was too late...


"Can you stop? Please?"

The officer pleaded with the horse to slow down its trot and pull over to the side, but the horse continued on its dangerous journey down the highway. Officer Madden reported the horse to dispatch but did what he could to get the horse to comply with his commands. 

Eventually, the horse slowed its run and galloped to the side of the road, where Officer Madden was able to apprehend the rebel equine by grabbing it by its muscular neck. 

This is one of many serious cases of horses going rogue and breaking the law. It's important to be aware of the dangers of wayward animals and report them whenever you see one misbehaving. 

Watch the video to see this guilty horse in action, and to hear his sentence:

We're kidding, the horse wasn't in trouble! Officer Madden is definitely a funny guy. 

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