Watch this Magical Performance By Some Scottish Drummers Known as Clanadonia

Sep 14, 2018 by apost team

These Scottish drummers are amazing people around the world through their unbelievable skills. Clanadonia is known throughout the work for their Scottish tribal drums and pipes. In addition to being exceptionally good musicians, they have an animated performance style that is truly amazing to watch.

Watch Living History

This Celtic band combines the ancient traditions and historical music of Scotland of an unbeatable performance. You can tell from their bagpipes and their clothes how much they care about their historical tradition. Plus, these magical drummers have been featured in major films.

Previously, these drummers appeared on movies like “Braveheart,” “King Arthur,” “Gladiator” and “The New World.” They first made it onto the world stage in 2007 with their first album, “Keepin' It Tribal.” Before long, the band was world famous.

Fans around the world were disappointed for nearly a decade. For 10 years, the band performed for audiences, but they did not release another album. Finally, Clanadonia released a new album called in 2017 called “Keepin' It Tribal 2.”

It is hard to describe this magical performance in words. The thrilling beat of the tribal drums and mystical bagpipes carry you away to a different era of the world. For a moment, it feels like you are listening to Scottish clansmen preparing for a tribal war. You feel as if you should be decked on in your own tartan and kilt when you hear these tribal drums start to play.

If you loved listening to the video of their music, make sure to hear their street performances as well. It is safe to say that all of Clanadonia's performances are must-see events. No matter how many times you play them on repeat, these songs retain their magical, mystical quality.

What do you think? Are you as amazed by Clanadonia's playing as we are? If you absolutely loved hearing them play, make sure that your friends get to see Clanadonia's performance as well.