Watch Out For The Bull: Why It's Hard To Love A Taurus

Feb 16, 2018 by apost team

A Taurus is never going to be the easiest person to love because they can be so stubborn. We can be difficult and lazy but, if you can figure us out, we can be excellent companions. Here are 10 reasons why loving a Taurus is hard but worth it.

#1 We are stubborn

There are few other signs that are as stubborn as a Taurus. We can be inflexible in our opinions and in the way we like things done. In relationships, we are not very interested in making compromises: it’s our way or the highway. If we do bend our rules for you, it’s a sign that you’re someone very special.

#2 We hate drama

There’s nothing a Taurus hates more than people who draw attention to themselves. After stirring the pot, someone who is in a relationship with a Taurus might find that they are confronting an angry bull. Tauruses will go out of our way to help a friend or a partner who is genuinely in trouble, but the second our loved one seems fake, we shut down.


#3 We are not cheap dates

Tauruses love luxury and indulge whenever we can. Good food, pretty clothes, spa treatments, new jewelry: you name it, we want it. We aren’t grasping about it, though, and we’d rather treat ourselves than receive handouts. If you want to keep your Taurus happy, make sure he or she has treats and special outings regularly.


#4 We’re kind of lazy

We love nothing more than cuddling up at home with a warm blanket, a good movie, and our partner ready to rub our feet for us. We work hard all day and when we come home, all we want is to relax. We may not be the type who likes to run out right after work, but when we have fun, we’re all in.


#5 We hate being taken for granted

We have a well-developed sense of justice and will always notice if we’re being taken advantage of. We are naturally giving and helpful people, but we do keep score. We might not tell you right away if we feel we are on the losing side, but when we do tell you, it’s likely to be an unpleasant conversation.

#6 We have abandonment issues

For a sign that is so tough, inside we are a ball of insecurities. If we feel the least bit insecure in our relationship, we’ll instantly act clingy. The best way to handle us is by gently reassuring us you’re not going anywhere.

#7 It takes us a long time to make a commitment

While you may sweep us off our feet, we never commit right away. We may take your gifts and grand gestures gracefully, but they won’t make us move any faster. This can be really frustrating for prospective partners. Once we have accepted that you’re worth a commitment, we’re in it for the long haul.

#8 We are jealous and possessive

Our commitment to our partners is strong, but we don’t always trust them. This can be a hurtful part of being in a relationship with a Taurus. If we sense that you are pulling away or spending too much time with someone else, our inner caveman or woman will come out. We have a quick temper and we can sometimes say terrible things in these situations. Jealousy is one of the main ways a Taurus damages his or her relationship.


#9 We can be a little bit boring

Our love of routine means that we might bore a more adventurous partner. We are more interested in going out to a fine restaurant and then snuggling on the couch than we are in taking risks. We just don’t have the drive to get out and do new things. Some partners may find us too dull, but those who stick around enjoy having a reliable, stable partner who will do anything for them.


#10 When we get angry, look out

We have a long fuse, but when you reach the end of it, be careful. Leaving negative emotions buried under the surface for too long, a Taurus explodes when he or she can’t take anymore. It is best to be a long way away from a Taurus when this happens.

As we said before, we have a terribly sharp tongue when we are angry and can drive partners away. The best way to deal with a Taurus’s tantrum is to give him or her some space. Sticking around and trying to talk through the problem will backfire on you. When your bull has calmed down, then it’s time to make up.


While a Taurus can be hard to love, the effort is worth it. Share this with your friends so that they can better understand the Taurus' in their own life.