Want To Live Longer? Being An Optimist Could Help

People go to incredible lengths to improve their health. Eating right and getting in a decent amount of weekly exercise top the lists of smart things to do. Sometimes, however, the small things capable of improving health and wellness aren't necessarily all that minor. Mental attitude, for example, can play a tremendous role in improving the quality of life. Being the eternal optimist might be a worthwhile pursuit.


A recent study by the Rockefeller University in New York suggests people with optimistic perspectives gain a chance for a longer lifespan than those wallowing in pessimism. Incredibly, the study suggests the highly optimistic have the highest potential to live to or past age 85.



There's a lot to speculate about the study. Maybe people with positive outlooks don't turn to things that can lower their lifespans such as alcohol, poor food choices, and sedentary life. Perhaps their blood pressure stays lower than someone battling depression and anxiety. Overall, the study comes with a proverbial grain of salt. Far more studies become necessary to make any determinations about how significantly optimism improves well being, or if it even can.


Optimism won't be enough to overcome a severe disease, either. Nor can optimism replace legitimate treatment methods. However, optimism can give you a better outlook on life. Optimism may improve your attitude, so you become more willing to live a healthier lifestyle. A person with an upbeat attitude, for example, might be more interested in going to the gym and eating right.


Most people will agree it is better to maintain a happy, positive mindset than a downbeat, negative one. Study or not, striving to be an optimist may have its value.

Inspire others to take an optimistic outlook on life. Let them know about the published study. Maybe they'll make some positive improvements in their lives.

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