Wandering Bear Breaks Into Family's Home, Eats Their Pork Chops And Tries To Escape From Upstairs Window

Jul 05, 2023 by apost team

Bears are commonly found in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The brown bear species is the most widely spread of the creatures, and there are an estimated 200,000 brown bear species left in the world. Bears are common in Alaska, which is popularly known as "Bear Country." Also, Alaska is the only place in the United States where all three species of grizzly, black and polar bears live. 

Bears are typical omnivores, with plants making up their favorite meals. However, in places where bears are commonly found, the furry animals sometimes lurk around places where humans live in search of easy food. Although they would not naturally venture close to humans, they can rummage around garbage disposal bins or even break into houses and cars if they get hungry enough or are presented with a good opportunity. 

As food from humans generally provides enough calories to keep bears well-fed and warm, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) recommends not leaving food outside or on the grill and locking up garbage disposal bins. This is because once bears get used to coming around and finding food without human interference, they will continue roaming these places.

Since bears can break into cars, food and anything with fragrance should not be left in cars. Furthermore, people living in areas where these mammals are common should always lock their doors and windows tight. 

An example of how bears can venture into human residencies was seen when an adventurous bear managed to break into a home on June 14, 2023, as seen in a video posted on YouTube. The bear got in through a window downstairs and made its way upstairs, where it sat down to a meal before getting stuck. Keep reading to know what happened afterward.

In proper Goldilocks style, a hungry bear figured out how to enter a home by breaking the window downstairs. Thankfully, the homeowners were not in at the time. However, the unwanted visitor found the pork chops set out for dinner and devoured them, after which it tried to get out through the master bedroom door, but the door was locked.

clip sent by Heidi Hannah and posted on YouTube by ABC7 showed the bear trying to get out through the second-floor window unsuccessfully on June 14, 2023. The bear dangled from the window a few times but didn't jump. Eventually, it went back in through the window. Neighbors who witnessed the event called the police, and an officer opened the door to the master bedroom so it could go out.

However, the bear later got out through the same window it came in from and went into the neighborhood. The police, in turn, informed CPW about the situation. Ryan MacFarlane, the homeowner, was shocked when he heard that a bear got into his house through the window. 

He told FOX31:

"He got his nails in there and just ripped that window right open and got inside and helped himself to my pork chops I had out for dinner that night, got some snacks out of the pantry, and knocked over the plants — nothing too crazy,"

He added, "The officer went in and actually opened the door to the bedroom so that the bear could go out."

MacFarlane further admitted, "I was definitely anxious to get there, and the thought was going through my mind that there were going to be thousands and thousands of dollars in damage. And that wasn't the case this time. Grateful that he was a respectful house guest." 


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