Waitress Serves Grumpy Veteran For 7 years, After He Dies A Lawyer Delivers $50k Tip In His Name

Apr 01, 2019 by apost team

Anyone who works in food service knows you deal with unhappy customers now and then. Sometimes, a grumpy customer could become a repeat customer.

Even when serving this same customer year after year, the person remains somewhat aloof and gruff.

In Brownsville, TX, a waitress named Melina served a rather grumpy customer named Walter for about seven years. According to NBC, The 89-year-old veteran of World War II wasn't always the easiest patron. He complained about the food and service regularly. His demeanor wasn't a happy one.

Melina, however, never showed any anger or displeasure with Walter. She consistently served him with a smile. Amazingly, Walter would respond to the smile with his smile.


Unexpectedly, Walter stopped coming to the restaurant. Melina wondered why he no longer took his meals at the restaurant. Upon reading the obituaries, Melina learned the answer. Walter, sadly, passed away.

Although he could be difficult, Melina did enjoy seeing him at the eatery. She felt sad and missed her curmudgeonly customer.

One week after Walter's passing, Melina received an incredible surprise. The departed veteran's lawyer appeared at the diner and revealed Walter named Melina as someone in his will.

Walter appreciated how friendly Melina was to him. He left her $50,000 and a car. Her smile made him feel good in his golden years. Melina pointed out that a smile isn't ignored, and she suggests people follow the simple rule to "smile at people even when they don't smile back."

The tale of Melina the waitress and Walter the veteran could bring a smile to the face of anyone hearing it. Let everyone know about the value and profit potential of giving a friendly smile.