Why Pisces Is A Tricky Sign To Understand

Pisces can be complicated people, like all of the signs in many ways. They have imaginative, emotional thoughts that they tend to preserve inward. This ambition and reclusiveness can lead them to feeling misunderstood when compared to others, which can become negative energy if not understood quickly enough.

Pisces Can Be Reclusive

More often than not a Pisces just wants to be understood and to connect with others. It may be detrimental to their cause, though, if they are reclusive and keep their thoughts inward. You'll find that many Pisces are full of imaginative ideas, fun plans, and warm personalities. Strike up a conversation regarding creativity and you'll start to see them glow and shine!


Pisces Can Be Prone To Escapism 

Because of how powerful their imaginations can be, Pisces can quickly lose interest in the real world. This can also contribute to reclusiveness through the form of wanting to escape the troubles they face every day. So, if you find a Pisces friend of yours drifting off into a dream-like state, understanding their insecurities can be conducive to a healthy friendship.

Pisces Are Afraid Of Getting Hurt 

Like many of us, Pisces want to connect and be understood by others. However, this personality trait can lead to being hurt by others through vulnerability, so typically you'll find Pisces enjoying quiet moments a lot due to wanting to not be hurt by others.

Pisces Are Emotionally Vulnerable

Pisces don't mind (and often embrace) wearing their heart on their sleeve, so understand that they can be very emotional. This is because they prefer to be honest, and for them honesty requires vulnerability.

Pisces Need Alone Time

Because of the simultaneous flow of fear and ambition, Pisces can often find it relaxing to retreat into solitude for long periods of time. Let them take their time to relax, recharge, and come back when they're ready. Understand that they won't function as well without alone time, although they also appreciate being connected to others when they can.

Pisces Are Incredibly Independent 

The most important thing to know when understanding Pisces is that they are heavily independent people. This can function to their benefit or detriment depending on how you view it, but at the end of the day, it's equally important to respect their independence and understand that their feelings can be complicated sometimes.


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