Vocalist's Cover Of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” Is Beyond Wonderful

It takes a lot of courage to record a cover to a famous singer's signature song. It takes even more talent to pull it off. Still, a young woman named Casi Joy was brave enough to record a rendition of Patsy Cline's 'Crazy.'

Patsy Cline was known for her special voice, which blended a silky tone with a slight southern lilt. No one has been able to recapture her one-of-a-kind vocals, although several have tried.

One of Cline's most famous songs was the ballad "Crazy." The heartfelt lyrics offer words that anyone who has suffered loss can relate to. The speaker calls herself crazy for feeling so blue when she knew that the relationship was going to end.


The song has been covered by various singers over the years, but not until a young woman named Casi Joy performed it on YouTube did the world sit up and take notice.

Casi's performance pays homage to the Country Queen while still making the song her own. Strangely, she almost looks a little like Cline as she sings, if you picture her with dark hair instead of red. Certainly, she imbues all the heartfelt pain of the original song. Casi, like Cline, puts her whole soul into the performance, truly feeling and depicting the emotions of the song.

Judging by the internet response, people everywhere appreciate her efforts. Three main elements come together in this incredible video. First is Casi Joy's pitch-perfect voice, hitting every note and enunciating every soulful word. Second is the piano music, the perfect accompaniment to the song. It enhances Casi's voice and the lyrics without overwhelming them. The third is the setting, a perfectly lighted backdrop that gives visuals that support the song and singer without competing with either.

Even those not really familiar with Patsy Cline or the famous song will appreciate Casi Joy's rendition. Despite her youth, she shows an innate musical instinct for knowing exactly how and when to emphasize a phrase.

As she sings, Casi clearly channels all the emotions the song defines, all the sadness of losing someone to someone else. In just a few moments it takes to sing the song, she proves that she will be a performer to watch.

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