Virgos: Love Them, Leave Them, Or Hate Them?

Virgos have a really complex personality, kind of like an onion. There are many layers to those born under the sign of Virgo and figuring us out can sometimes bring tears to your eyes! Although we are spirited and draw people in with our magnetic personalities, we can also be hard to read. You can love us with all your heart one day but resent us the very next day. Read the rest of this article to see the top ten reasons why Virgos can be hard to figure out.

#1 We are Shrewd and Calculating

We always believe that our way is the best way and we won't back down. While we are honest, we always argue persuasively why we have to have it our way. Usually the result is of the ultimate importance to us, with no regard to what it takes to get there. This mindset can lead us to seem heartless. These calculative moves may be good for careers in law or policing, but they are not the healthiest for relationships.

#2 We Crave an Over-the-Top Sex Life

We are adventurous and demanding in sex. Because we can get bored easily, we may feel frustrated with our partner if sex feels routine. These negative feelings can seep into other areas of the relationship. So, know that we don’t want our sex lives to be predictable and we will be happy.

#3 We are Determined to the Point of Being Stubborn

We are notoriously single-minded when we want something. If it requires a fight to get it, we will battle to the very end. We don’t always think of the side effects of our actions. We can be spontaneous and unthinking and then get into tight spots. But in the end, our determination helps us have success in our relationships and other efforts.

#4 We Can Hold a Grudge for a While

Never get on the wrong side of a Virgo because we can hold grudges for a long time. We expect those around us to be loyal and trustworthy, just as we are to them. Those who don’t show that same respect to us will get the short end of the stick. We also have a long memory, so we never forget who wronged us.

#5 We Only Enjoy Refined Humor

We seek witty and intelligent humor in our conversations. We do not appreciate juvenile comedy and dirty jokes. We are good among company because of our refined sense of humor, but some may not understand it. Those who enjoy cheap jokes won't get along with us.

#6 We Are Faithful

We are fully supportive of and will stay true to a person we are in love with. Don't expect us to run away when times get tough. We will strive to protect those we love if they are in harm's way. We don't have issues standing up for someone we love. We give 100% of ourselves, so we expect the same in return.

#7 We Can Be Secretive

Dating us keeps you on your toes. We tend to be secretive, without being malicious, because we love to keep you guessing. People sometimes get impatient with us because of this. They feel like they can't know us completely. Keep in mind, you won’t get bored dating us!

#8 We Are Hard To Please

We have really high standards and can be critical of others and ourselves. We push our limits and others' limits as well. Some people feel pressured because they think that they are never able to please us. These high standards can lead to pessimism, but more often they lead to great victories.

#9 Our Awareness is High

We trust our instincts, so we can usually determine pretty quickly whether or not we like someone. We may seem judgmental, but we prefer to be called highly aware. We deem our time precious and don't need to waste it on someone we don’t see eye-to-eye with. It takes a lot sometimes to earn our trust.

#10 Our Need for Control is Obvious

Virgos have a need to be in charge and in control. We are known for being exceptional leaders with our fearless attitude. Others find it easy to follow our lead. We like to be in control as that is our comfort zone. We have trouble with authority figures but it's not due to lack of respect. We need to be in control, otherwise we feel out of control. When we feel out of control, we feel stressed out. We realize that wanting to always be in control is both a strength and a weakness.

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