Viewers Pay Tribute To 21-Month-Old Girl Celebrating After Beating Stage IV Cancer

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

Molly Hughes from Kentucky was just 21-months-old when she battled and beat stage IV cancer in 2019.

Her family has been through a long, arduous journey worrying about their precious baby girl after she was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer at such an incredibly young and tender age.

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All photos were used with the explicit permission of Chelsea Hughes/Facebook

Molly Hughes was officially diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was just a small baby. Her family could hardly believe the news. They never thought that their tiny baby could be diagnosed with such an awful condition at such a very young age. According to CNN, after being diagnosed, little Molly had to spend 135 nights at the hospital. This was an awful thing for her parents to see, as she was their precious baby girl.

As little Molly stayed in the hospital, her parents watched as she had to undergo multiple grueling cancer treatments during her course of treatment. However, Molly’s parents saw from the beginning that their baby girl was a fighter.

All photos were used with the explicit permission of Chelsea Hughes/Facebook

Her mother, Chelsea, noted that Molly would bounce back strongly after every single treatment, reports CNN. She saw that little Molly would be down and out for a few days after she underwent treatment and then she would be smiling and happy again.

Her family and their friends came up with the #MollyStrong campaign to share news of her progress and her treatments. Her prognosis wasn’t great, but she had an incredible support system that rallied around her. Her family worried about what would happen constantly, but Molly’s strong demeanor gave them hope.

All photos were used with the explicit permission of Chelsea Hughes/Facebook

They waited patiently for months to hear any news. One day the phone rang and the voice at the other end of the line gave Molly’s mother some news that made her literally fall to the floor. Chelsea immediately ran to Molly to give her the biggest hug she possibly could. She couldn’t believe her little girl was in remission! According to an interview with Chelsea conducted back in May of 2020, Molly has now been in remission since March 2019 and is currently on a trial drug to help prevent relapse.

Chelsea believes the prayers of everyone who followed Molly’s treatment and progress are to thank for her being able to finally recover. The prayers played an enormous role in Molly being able to be strong through the whole process. However, the millions of children who are still suffering will forever be in the family's prayers.

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