Video Featuring Thirsty Squirrel Asking For Water Warms Hearts Everywhere

Jul 23, 2020 by apost team

It is not common to find a squirrel interacting with a human being. Squirrels mostly run off when we get closer to them. No matter what they were doing before, when one walks close to them, they run away. However, a viral video online has brought out a different picture of squirrels that are a lot tamer. In this video posted to Reddit on July 16th, 2020, one seriously thirsty squirrel begs some humans for some tasty bottled water.

When we get close to a squirrel, we expect it to run away. However, a Reddit user known as thewrongun shared a video of one squirrel that was quite unique. It shows a squirrel that seems somehow tamer than the ones most of us have encountered.

The squirrel in the video is actually thirsty and is seen following a man as if begging for some water. The squirrel is holding its arms up the way a dog does while begging for food. In the video, the man being followed has a bottle of water in his hand and the squirrel seems to be raising its arms begging for it. It is quite persistent in following the person holding the water bottle around!

The thought of a squirrel following a man and begging for water may seem impossible. However, this video shows that even wild animals may approach humans if driven to it.

The man in the video proceeds to lower the water bottle to where the squirrel is and the squirrel is seen holding it in his mouth as it begins to sip the water, drinking it to the last drop.

As small as it is yes, the squirrel drank it all. One can only imagine how thirsty the poor thing must have been. This was a great act of humanity and this person's kindness has won the hearts of many with the online video of this kind gesture.

The video has since gone viral and many are amazed by the interaction between the two. One comment from a viewer on Reddit describes the squirrel as a poor baby that is thirsty and in need of water.

Despite what we think, wild animals all over the world are actually able to communicate with humans, if the situation calls for it. Many wildlife reserves are approached by animals looking for help, but even on other occasions, wild animals show that they can interact with humans. One such example is the African honeyguide, a type of bird that helps humans find honey bee nests in exchange for a share of the delicious bounty.

This video has raised concern on just how many other animals suffer from great thirst and need for water, especially during hot summer days or in cases of drought.

It shows that animals, especially those living in towns, also have to adapt to a different kind of lifestyle to survive, one that involves being able to mingle with humans. This squirrel clearly learned that plastic bottles may contain water and that humans will be more inclined to share if it makes a begging gesture.

The video is, however, very heartwarming and shows that humans and animals can co-exist together. What did you think of this incredible video? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to send it on to a friend.