Veterinary Office Shares Pictures After Saving Kitten from Rim Of Tire

Feb 13, 2019 by apost team

Cats have always been known for their innate curiosity. Even though we’ve all heard the phrase warning that curiosity may kill the cat, this species just won’t stop letting their instincts get the best of them.

When they aren’t taking the day off to sleep for hours on end or munch on some delicious cat food, they’re getting into trouble with anything they can find around the house. You often hear about cats getting stuck in places they don’t belong, climbing trees and not being able to get back down, or investigating in places that may cause them harm.

But no matter what we do, we can’t stop the cats from letting their curiosity run its course!

This might just be the reason that cats are given nine lives! For one cat, named Cookie, her curiosity got the best of her on one stressful day. Thankfully, her situation ended up better than expected!

Cookie was exploring in October of 2017 when something unusual happened to the kitten. At only 4-months-old, she was prone to getting into situations that she didn’t know how to get out of at her young age.

Playing around in the garage of the home she lived in with her human family, she discovered something that she didn’t quite know what to do with: a tire.

Cookie decided to put her head into the middle of the rim and found herself in an unfortunate situation. Although she had gotten herself into the tire, she was unable to find her way out and became stuck.

When the owners found their beloved kitten trapped in such an unusual way, they tried to free her from the tire but were unable to.

So, what did they do next? Took the entire kitten and the tire to the veterinary office for some assistance!

The vet’s office decided to share the unusual and interesting circumstances on their Facebook page with some photographs of the ordeal. They shared, "Our team in the emergency room was able to quickly get her free from the tire rim."

Thankfully, the veterinarians at the office were able to free the kitten quickly from the tire and allow the kitten to get some much-needed rest after her stressful day.

They pointed out that Cookie fortunately wasn’t in any pain, just unable to get out on her own. Naturally, the kitten was stressed from her long day but will live a happy and full life with her family.

It’s great to hear rescue stories that end in nothing but happiness! Check out the photos that the veterinary office shared of Cookie to see the ordeal for yourself! Have your pets ever gotten into a sticky situation like this?