Veterinarian Rescues Stray Pregnant Dog From Euthanasia And Saves 12 Puppies

If one thing is sure to make your heart melt, it’s cute little doggie eyes. Add twelve puppies to the mix and your heart is sure to skip more than a few beats. The following account will make you feel warm and cozy all over.

A Family Affair

Gracie is a young dog who was brought to a shelter and, unfortunately, was due to be euthanized despite being pregnant with 12 pups. Dr. Matt, a local veterinarian, became aware of this and knew he had to help.

Doctor Matt took the dog is cared for her when she gave birth.  His wife and children also helped with feeding, tending, and playing with their fun, furry guests.

After six weeks, Gracie and one of her daughters was adopted by a local family. Gracie’s other four daughters and all seven sons were soon adopted or transported to an animal rescue site for later adoption.

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