Veterinarian Issues Urgent Warning To Pet Owners After Himalayan Salt Lamp 'Almost Kills' Kitty

Many people reach out to natural, holistic methods and devices in order to lead healthier lives, but sometimes the consequences to our pets aren’t considered. Many people use Himalayan salt lamps as an ionizer of air, as they spread ions that are considered ‘negative’ in a way to neutralize radiation. Himalayan Salt lamps come from the Himalayan Mountains, where they are mined.

Veterinarians have issued warnings to avoid Himalayan salt lamps in the home after a recent, unfortunate event. A cat licked one of these popular salt lamps and ended up almost passing away due to poisoning from a large amount of sodium contains within these lamps. In pets, large amounts of sodium cause loose stools, coordination loss and seizures, according to the Pet Poison Hotline.

Pet owners may mistakenly believe that the symptoms experienced by their pet are simply due to weather or other benign issues, but they may be directly linked to sodium poisoning. Maddie Smith, the owner of Ruby the cat, felt that Ruby may have been negatively impacted by the cold weather as the cat did not eat, drink, walk normally, or respond to her calls, as usual, reported The Daily Mail.

The veterinarian’s examination noticed that her brain had swollen and that the cat was suffering from poisoning due to sodium. The effects occurred twelve hours after the cat licked the lamp. The constant licking of these lamps inadvertently forces too much sodium into a pet’s system, creating havoc on the pet’s neurological workings.

Those who own pets are warned to please keep Himalayan salt lamps away from the reach of the pet, or to avoid them altogether. Fortunately, the pet in this story survived, although the recovery is quite grueling.

The pet went through at least eleven months of rehabilitation and recovery after the Himalayan salt incident. The salt lamps can become quite addictive to the pets, so after having one taste, they may go back for more. The neurological issues can be avoided by preventing Himalayan salt lamps from having a place in your home altogether.

If one feels that their pet may seem lethargic or showing any signs of sodium poisoning, please take the pet to the veterinarian immediately. The sooner the pet is treated, the higher the chances of survival and recovery. Tell others about this story, it just might save their pet's life.