Veteran Notices Elderly Woman Being Attacked In Parking Lot And Sprints Over To Help

When Kendrick Taylor went grocery shopping at a grocery store in Florida, he did not expect to walk away a hero. Taylor and his friends were approaching the store in the middle of the day and were interrupted by the sound of screaming from somewhere in the parking lot.

When Taylor scanned the area for the source, he observed a thief attacking a woman, aged 76, in an attempt to take her purse. However, Taylor, who is a veteran of the Navy did not hesitate to react and rushed to aid the victim. The thief attempted to make a run for it, but he was no match for Taylor, who ended the chase with a solid tackle and restrained the attacker until the police were able to arrive at the scene.

The thief, as it turns out, was a young man who was already on probation. He was charged with both robbery and attempted battery for his poor decisions. As for Taylor, his heroism and bravery were honored, as he was awarded a Medal of Merit from the Sheriff's Office of Orlando Orange County.

When he was asked what motivated his selfless act, he answered that he had asked himself a question in the seconds before he acted, “What if that was my grandma?”. As for the elderly woman, she was able to walk away from her scary experience with only bruises and a few scrapes.

What do you think of this young man's act of heroism? What can we all learn from his selfless act? Help us to spread the message of Kendrick Taylor's courage, both to honor his notable deeds and to help encourage others to think of how we should treat those around us.