Vet Races To Save Horse Bound With Chains And Gets Sweetest Thank You In Return

Mar 05, 2019

Shackled in chains and unable to roam around to his heart’s desire, this wild horse was in desperate need of attention, love, and assistance. Someone had purposely bound this horse in chains and was hardly able to move. The horse was located in Romania, where this situation is, unfortunately, a common practice.

The horse’s chains were causing his skin to become terribly irritated due to the metal they were made of. Thankfully, a veterinarian from Four Paws facility found he horse. He witnessed how depressed the horse looked, and knew that he had to help. The vet, named Ovidiu Rosu, decided to free the horse from his shackles.

Because a horse is used to roaming free and wild, they become extremely depressed when they are chained up. The horse’s freedom was taken away from him until Ovidiu decided that he needed to be rescued. However, when he came back to the horse with equipment to take off the chains, he noticed something was off.

Much to his dismay, Ovidiu found exactly what he had suspected. When the chains were placed on the horse, they damaged and hurt his skin. Thankfully, the horse had not been chained up for very long, so the care from this heartwarming vet’s actions would help him recover. The horse welcomed Ovidiu and allowed him to free him without any struggle.

However, the actions that took place next were just amazing. The horse began to show his gratitude to the vet that saved him in the most heartwarming way. Seeing the behavior of this horse turn around so quickly after being freed was the best gift that Ovidiu could have asked for.

The wild horse was ecstatic to be free. It’s an unfortunate situation when people decide to chain up wild animals and enslave them, and it’s sad to think about how many other horses are stuck in the same situation.

The video below serves as an educational tool for people to become aware of what is happening to wild horses. In Romania, they often join the front and hind legs of horses with chains. Thankfully, people like Ovidiu are against this practice and do the best they can to help out. 

We at here at APost applaud Ovidiu for his act of kindness! Let us know what you think about it in the comments below. Would you have tried to free the wild horse? Show this video to your friends and family to spread this heartwarming story!