Vet Gets The "Thank You" Of A Lifetime After Freeing A Chained Horse

A wild horse was in a desperate state. He was bound by chains and could not run around. Unfortunately, these chains were commonly used on horses in Romania. Because of the terrible chains, the horse could barely move.

The Horse Becomes Desperately Ill

Before long, the metal chains started to irritate the horse's skins. Finally, a veterinarian came to check out the horse. When he saw how depressed and sick the horse was, he knew that he needed to take action.

The veterinarian was called Ovidiu Rosu. As soon as Rosu heard about the horse, he wanted to set the horse free to run wild. The poor horse had too much energy to be chained up forever.

By the time Rosu found the horse, the wild pony was depressed and no longer cared about running. Rosu immediately started to loosen the chains, but he immediately saw that there was a major problem.

Because of the metal chains, the horse's skins had been severely damaged.

Luckily, the horse had not been chained up for long. With the right care from Rosu, the horse would recover.

The Amazing Horse Thanks the Kind Vet

In just a short amount of time, the horse's personality completely changed. When Rosu saw the amazing transformation, he was stunned.

This wild horse was from the Danube delta. Long ago, horses had raced across the delta and run free.

Unfortunately, many of these formerly wild horses are chained up and bound today.

When you watch the video, you can see just how thrilled and exhilarated the horse is. It is obvious that he enjoys the new freedom.

The video is serving to spread awareness about this dangerous, inhumane practice. Right now, there are thousands of Romanian horses that have their front or hind legs bound by chains.

Through vets and activists like Rosu, these horses are finally able to run free again.

Keep horses like this one from being chained up and injured by spreading awareness about this amazing cause. Tell all of your friends about the remarkable people who are saving Romania's wild horses.