Very Rare Footage Of Johnny Cash And John Denver Singing 'Take Me Home, Country Roads'

"Take Me Home, Country Roads" is one of the best known and beloved songs of legendary singer and songwriter John Denver. While he may be known for singing this song by himself, many are surprised to hear that he has also performed the hit with fellow legend Johnny Cash. This version was forgotten by most for many years, but a video from 1978 recently resurfaced to the surprise and joy of many.

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In 1971, the beloved song was released and it quickly rose through the Billboard charts to reach No.2 in August of that year in the US Hot 100 singles. The state of West Virginia is where the infamous country roads are located and it has grown to have a special meaning to the people there. In fact, the song was appreciated by so many people in West Virginia that it was made one of the official state anthems back in 2014 and is now one of four that West Virginia has.

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The video from 1978 may not be of high quality by any means, but it still captures a truly historic moment for music when two legends came together to sing the now classic. Despite the poor quality, both Denver and Cash can be heard singing the popular lyrics and this version may even have you loving the song even more than you did in the past.

The grainy video had been lost for many years. While people may have seen the performance when it was originally aired in 1978, nobody thought that a copy of the duet still existed.

This all changed when Christopher Johnson began going through his grandfather's things and found a VHS tape that was labeled "Denver & Cash." He had no idea what it was, but curiosity got the best of him and he pulled out his grandpa's old tape player to find out what it was.

What Johnson found shocked and delighted him. He witnessed the two artists strumming on their guitars before Denver begins belting out the iconic opening lyrics of "Almost heaven, West Virginia." Johhny Cash begins singing, "Life is old there, older than the trees" and you could hear his deep voice telling a story along with words.

Johnny Cash continues to sing until John Denver rejoins with, "Country roads, take me home..." and the two go on to harmonize and continue to take turns with the peaceful lyrics.

According to Classic Country Music, the session looks more like the two are just good friends sitting down to strum and sing a song as opposed to an official recording session. The two are just enjoying their friendship, company, and shared love of music and it is something that everyone can view and share in the musical experience.

Finding such a legendary treasure such as this rare duet between Johnny Cash and John Denver must have been a great experience. Who knows what other treasures are buried somewhere among people's belongings.  What is your favorite musical duet? Tell us about your favorite find!