Vegan Man Wins Court Case Over His Diet Having Same Protections As Religious Beliefs

Chances are that you've been hearing a lot of buzz about the vegan diet as of late. Not only do proponents of a vegan way of living believe that it's highly ethical, but many people claim that reducing our dependence on factory farming could drastically reduce the harmful effects of climate change. Jordi Casamitjana from the United Kingdom has just won a controversial lawsuit regarding his lifestyle choice.

Most of us accept that a vegan diet has many benefits, but one man in the United Kingdom has gone so far as to win a lawsuit that treats his vegan diet with the same respect as a religion, as reported here by the BBC. Jordi Casamitjana filed a discrimination lawsuit that claimed that his employer dismissed him due to his vegan lifestyle, which he says should receive the same protections as a religion would.

Ironically enough, Casamitjana actually worked for an organization that sought to protect animal welfare, The League Against Cruel Sports. The League Against Cruel Sports is a nonprofit devoted to ending big game hunting and sports where animals suffer for human amusement.

The details of the suit allege that Casamitjana was dismissed after accusing the organization of contributing money to entities that weren't vegan-friendly. Casamitjana claimed that his managers retaliated to these complaints by terminating him.

However, The League Against Cruel Sports disagreed strongly with the nature of the plaintiff's claim. They allege that Casamitjana was terminated for poor performance and gross misconduct, maintaining that his termination had nothing to do with his ethical or philosophical beliefs surrounding animal welfare.

After winning the suit, a thrilled Jordi Casamitjana has said he is "extremely happy" with the outcome. 

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