Use This Secret Hack to Find Out if Your Battery is Dead

You could get up and head to the garage or even to the store to find a tool to assist you in finding out how much energy is left in the batteries from you're remote, but if you're anything like me, you're just looking to relax on the sofa! Luckily for you, there's a very simple trick to find out if batteries are dead, and it doesn't even require standing up!

Although many cell phones nowadays use some type of Lithium-Ion battery, odds are there are still some things in your possession that run off batteries that aren't rechargeable. If you have ever found yourself wanting to find the amount left on these batteries, but you've left your voltmeter at home, the following is a cool little life hack that will provide you the information you want.

All you will need to carry out the test and assess if your rechargeable batteries are juiced is a hard surface and a couple seconds. Simply drop each battery (with the horizontal, negative end down) by a few inches up. In case the battery is charged, it will make a good thud and probably stay standing.

A non-rechargeable alkaline battery starts by utilizing zinc powder blended into a gel comprising a potassium hydroxide electrolyte separated from a glue of manganese dioxide powder combined with carbon powder with a sterile membrane. This packed-sand consistency lowers the antibounce effect exhibited from the gel mix once the battery has been fully charged.

Odds are you're already knowledgeable about the "out-gassing" as it is called. It is the exact same force which frequently induces the insulating seals or battery to crack open and flow.

Got that? All you need is a hard surface! This tip is old but definitely worth sending to your friends, as they might not know it!