US Adoption Agencies Need Volunteers To Cuddle Newborn Babies

Kindhearted people can now care for newborn children through an adoption agency. The short-term care is only four weeks long.

According to ABC News, Nationwide adoption agencies are looking for special kinds of volunteers. These volunteers will get to love newborn children and want to spend time with them before they transition into adoptive homes.

The volunteer mommies and daddies will cuddle and care for these newborns while their mothers decide whether they want to complete the adoption process. It's a wonderful way for a caring person to give to the community. Spending time with newborns is one of the most rewarding things that such people can do. Here's a little bit more of the story behind this new volunteering trend.

How It All Started

Efforts like this nationwide volunteer care effort usually start with a need. Nationwide adoption agencies had seen a decline in funding as well as employees. The number of children being adopted each year continues to climb and is now at more than 150,000 per year.

Therefore, the nation is calling for caring adults to dedicate some of their time to loving these precious children.  Many adults are signing up for these volunteer activities.

How It Works

This volunteer position is not meant to be long-term. The volunteer newborn caretakers will only have the newborns in their homes for two to four weeks at the most. The facility will cover the expenses for food, diapers, clothing and any transportation that they need for the child. That way, the volunteers can focus on just giving the newborns lots of love. The short-term care of no more than four weeks helps to reduce the amount of separation anxiety that the babies may experience. Once the mother makes her final decision, then the baby will either go back to his or her mother or to the adoptive parents. It's important that the volunteers understand that the care is not going to be long term.

The application process is extensive, and the agencies do background checks to ensure that the babies are with safe adults. The agencies will also visit the home of the prospective volunteers to ensure that the babies have an adequate environment and everything that they need to thrive while they're with the volunteer parents.

Alternative Programs

Some of the hospitals have alternative programs where they request people to come into the site and just cuddle with the newborns. Of course, there's a long waiting list because many people are willing to do that. Who wouldn't want to cuddle with a newborn?

Volunteers can also sign up for that because that cuddling time is also important for their development. It can do wonders for the cuddlers, as well.

The Benefits of Volunteering With Newborns

Volunteering to take care of newborns offers a ton of benefits to all parties involved. The children get the attention and affection that they need shortly after they come into the world. The volunteers get to give back to the community, and they can experience the joy of parenting for those weeks that they are caring for those newborns. The hospital gets help because they may not have enough people doing the job. Additionally, the newborn's mother benefits because she gets time to rest and to consider all angles before she makes a final decision about the adoption.

Think about helping an organization with some of the world's newborns, and tell everyone that you know about this opportunity, too. It could be the best choice you ever make in your life.