Unique Uses For Tin Cans In Home Organization

Empty tin cans may seem like trash, but they can be used around the house to keep something organized in every room. Before throwing them out, see which of these tin can organization hacks will work for you. 

Office And Kitchen Storage

Tin cans are just right for conserving space in your kitchen, office, or other workspaces. Use the cans to fill with your cooking or office supplies.


Creating A Pin Cushion

It’s irritating and potentially dangerous when pins get loose and lost. You can create your own useful pin cushion with a tin can. Use fabric, poly-fil, and glue to get started.


Storing Towels

Larger cans are perfect for storing bath towels. Read the tutorial for this craft here.


Ribbon Storage Dispenser

You can keep all of your ribbons in one place! By punching holes down the center of a can, you can not only store the ribbons, you have a way to pull the ribbons out. Paint the can first for a personalized look.


Desk Storage

Start by painting each can to fit your decor and style. Next, glue the cans onto a wood board in whatever pattern you choose. Now you have a personalized storage system to match your office area or workspace. Full instructions are here.


Storage Board For Crafts

Find a wood board, magnet board, or pegboard that you can drill the cans to or use magnets to attach and remove as needed.


Storage With Coffee And Tea Cans

Coffee and tea canisters are larger than standard cans, so they are able to store larger items in your kitchen or office space. Learn how to convert them here.

Store And Grow Herbs

Paint the cans your desired colors. Next, drill the cans to a post outdoors for growing parsley, cilantro, basil, or any other herb in.


Uniquely Painted Craft Storage

Rather than painting your cans, dip them into paint halfway, like you would an Easter egg. This design is perfect for storing craft supplies like paintbrushes and pastels.


Hanging Storage

Drill one hole at the top of the can. Then, using an S-hook, hang the can on a rod above your desk or workspace. This frees up valuable space to do your work.

Drawer Organization With Tuna Cans

Regular sized cans won’t fit everywhere. Cleaned out tuna cans work great for drawers because of their shorter size.


Cubbies With Paint Cans

Empty and rinse out paint cans, then lay them flat inside a shelf for easy, visible cubby storage.


Stacking Can Storage

Glue decorated cans together in different formations, like a pyramid, for a hip, space-saving design.

Wooden Plank Lineup

Decorate your cans how you’d like and then glue them to a long plank of wood for a simple, cost-effective storage system.


Large Can Storage Buckets

Bigger tins can be converted into storage buckets by simply adding handles, found at any home supply store. Decorate or paint the bucket to match the decor of the area it will be in.


Dog Food Storage

Large cans are also perfect for storing dog food to keep it safe and fresh.

Burlap And Lace Decor

A boring can is instantly transformed when you use burlap and lace to cover it.


Can Caddy

Get a small plank of wood and paint it, along with six cans, whatever color you choose. After the paint has dried, nail the cans to the wood plank. Leave enough space to also attach a leather strap for portability.


What tin can hack would be most useful in your home? Let us know what you try and how it turns out.