Unborn Baby Turned To Camera And Waved Hello During 4D Ultrasound Scan

Jun 17, 2020 by apost team

Technology is amazing. Ever since the creation of ultrasound technology, more and more expecting parents want to catch a glimpse of their baby before it is even born.

In 2018, Lucy Bearly and her boyfriend, Stuart Barret, couldn't wait to get an early look at their son, but what happened next surprised even the ultrasound technician—their little unborn baby waved "hello!"

Lucy Bearly recalls having a difficult time seeing the ultrasound screen because she was lying on her side. Fortunately, her boyfriend was paying attention, or the couple might have missed an incredible moment. Their story was posted on Rumble.

Stuart Barret was monitoring the ultrasound screen closely. He and Lucy were expecting their very first child. Even with more experience, he probably would not have been prepared for his son to look at the camera and wave.


At first, Stuart thought he was imagining things. He asked the ultrasound technician to rewind the video, and it confirmed what he thought he'd seen: His son had turned towards the camera and waved.

The ultrasound technician said she had never witnessed anything like it, and Lucy's midwife confirmed that babies do not normally wave during their ultrasound.

Some could even say it's a sign that Lucy and Stuart's baby is going to be brilliant. But probably, their baby simply wanted to let his parents know that he can't wait to meet them face to face. Obviously, they feel the same way about their son.

You can check out the ultrasound video below. Do you think it's cute or creepy?

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