Uber Driver Able To Finish College Degree Thanks To Passenger Who Pays Off Her Outstanding Tuition Debt

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

Many things motivate people to drive for Uber. Usually, the motivation is financial. People become rideshare drivers to cover bills. They don't always receive a lot of money for their fares, but generous riders make things worthwhile by tipping.

In this story from January 2020, one Uber driver in Atlanta named Latonya received a tip beyond expectations. The rider, a man named Kevin gave her enough money to wipe out fees she'd accrued on her college tuition. 

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And there's more to this already inspiring story. The Uber driver took the opportunity to cover education costs and complete her college degree. 43-year-old Latonya Young works two jobs. By day, she's a hairdresser. At night, she's driving Uber, reports WSB-TV2 Atlanta.


Young picked up a "normal" rider at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. As is the case with many Uber rides, the driver and passenger got into a conversation. Latonya mentioned to the rider, Kevin Esch, that she couldn't complete her classes at college due to $700 in debt from an unpaid bill at the Georgia State University. Latonya also mentioned she's a single mom and sometimes struggles with financial responsibilities.

Kevin didn't forget the conversation. He chose to contact the school and pay the bill for Latonya. The university then reached out to Latonya and told her the balance was clear. She could now register for classes and move forward with working on her criminal justice degree.

Latonya says she plans on getting all As and Bs to show her appreciation to Kevin, she told WSB-TV2 Atlanta.

What did you think of this inspiring story? The world needs more stories like this one because it shows the kindness of strangers exists. The tale also shows the value of excellent customer service. Spread the word about the story of Latonya and Kevin. It should make someone feel good upon hearing it.

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