Two Young Men Risk Their Lives To Run Into Burning House To Save Stranger

On June 21, Marcus Harvey and Tre’ Jones busted into a burning home and rescued 56-year-old Guy Tarlton in Marion, Indiana.

Guy Tarlton, 56, had been cooking dinner and fell asleep. As he slept, grease and food in the kitchen ignited and set the house on fire. By the time Tre' and Marcus noticed the smoke, the house was well ablaze.

Tre' and Marcus, of Marion, Indiana, were walking through their neighborhood when they smelled the smoke. They realized a house was on fire and found Guy's smoking house being observed by others in the neighborhood. There were people in the yard filming the fire, despite the fact that Guy could be heard screaming inside the house.

Tre' kicked the door open, releasing a great deal of smoke and allowing oxygen into the home that fed the fire. He knew he had to act fast. Because Guy was screaming, Tre' and Marcus were able to follow his voice and find him on the floor.

None of the men could see anything due to the severity of the fire and the thick, billowing smoke. By sound and touch, Tre' and Marcus found Guy and carried him out of the burning house.

The two men knew nothing of Guy and had never been in his home. When they kicked in the door, they had no idea where they would find him. They weren't even sure they could reach him in time.

Tre' only knew that he was able to help someone avoid the pain of burns and the danger of smoke inhalation by acting quickly, so he did. Rescue crews arrived and took him to the hospital, where he was listed in critical but stable condition. Members of the Marion, Indiana community have called Tre' and Marcus heroes. They only say that they are human. If they can help their fellow human, they do.

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